It is with real sadness that I tell you that our lovely Nicky passed away on 7th December. I had been friends with Nicky for 7 years, we met up several times a year in Portsmouth through our BCN Hampshire Meet Up group and all the group are devastated by her death.

Nicky’s husband emailed me:

"Nicky’s condition did unfortunately deteriorate rapidly after her ascites drain and she then spent some time in hospital and for the last 8 days of her life at the local Hospice.

It should comfort you to know that the treatment at the hospice was wonderful and Nicky passed away peacefully in her sleep with no pain, I was with her along with my daughters, and she had seen her little grandson who she adored only a few days earlier."


He will let me know details of the funeral when known as it will, due to Covid, only be for family but will be live streamed.


In person, Nicky was just the kindest, knowledgeable and supportive lady. She was diagnosed with primary in 2003 and then secondaries in 2008. Always around to answer any questions and offer help and advice - I will miss her so much. I know she has helped many of us on this forum over the years. A real privilege to have known her, may she rest in peace, free of pain xx

Nicky08 your beautiful kindness will always shine eternally, rest in peace :two_hearts: :two_hearts: Shi xx

Dear Helen

I am so sad to read this, but thank you for letting me know.   We will all be shocked in Buddies, as we’ve been chatting for so long and even though I’ve never met the ladies (Nearly met Nicky once) I feel that we all knew each other so well.

Please pass on my condolences to Nicky’s husband and daughters, and all her friends.  This seemed to happen so quickly.

Take care


Thank you for letting us know, helen44.

Nicky08 will be incredibly missed by all that she touched with her support and kindness. Our sincerest condolences go out to her family and friends.

Our helpline is here if anyone would like to talk or needs support at this time. 0808800 6000.

Sending love from the team at Breast Cancer Now x

Thank you Helen,

she was my buddy too. We found each other and our group formed in 2008 when we all had chemo together. Then we moved across to another section when we all finished chemo. We had such fun laughing about chemo. I remember she road tested how fast you could drive with the car top down and keep your wig on. She came to my house in Essex and I managed to drive to meet her too at her old home. She must have gone downhill fast as we spoke on here often. Another of our special group gone

I am so sad as she put up a gallant battle and deserved to continue to battle on.

Thank you so much for contacting us. Please tell her husband I will be on her mobile as either Lily or Val. My condolences to him and her 2 lovely girls and little chap xx