niggly tickly cough any advice

hi i have this annoying cough. not sure how long for it seems like forever. i had surgery mastectomy and recon in DEC. its a type of cough you hear on other people and think for goodness sake have a good cough it sounds like a fake cough.i cough with mouth shut as not a proper couch if you know what i mean. its usually morn and night not every day. my mum says its like an asthmatic cough if that helps but i dont or dodnt have asthma. just had friends round and done a lot of talking and none stop coughing. i am on antibiotics for a wound not healed right so thought this would clear it up no luck. when i read info the antibiotics are for wound healing ,ulcers etc so prob wouldn’t help a cough. i have mentioned it to nurses who come daily and they havent seemed bothered. any advice. thanks

Hi Julie

Did you have rads, as that can sometimes irritate the lungs. I had an irritating cough a while ago and managed to convince myself it was lung mets. I mentioned it to the surgeon at a check-up and he ordered a chest Xray, which came back clear and guess what… the cough disappeared almost overnight!! It could also be acid reflux as that can cause an irritating cough too. If you’re really worried, have a word with your bcn but hopefully, you’ll find it will settle down and just disappear.


I had a bad cough last year that I couldnt shake off.My chest was clear but the cough would keep me awake at night. I had it for about three months.Out of worry and desperation I bought a jar of Manuka honey. I could feel it working straight away and within days my cough had gone! I’d reccomend it to anyone.

I dont know if this is any use to you, I have been to my GP’s today, I had a WLE and node removal 10th Jan and have suffered from a cough ever since which has now developed into a dry cough and feeling like I am swallowing a lump on the right side whenever I swallow. My GP thinks they may have damaged my larynx when they open up my windpipe for the surgery and it could be infected. He has given me some antiseptic gargle that numbs my throat and said if its not got better in a week he is sending me to an ear nose and throat specialist.

Good luck. Shonagh xx

Hi Julie

I would ask the same about Rads. Have you had them yet? As I have an irritating cough since Rads, like you say, not a proper cough but a little annoying one…!

Hope you can sort it out soon.

Cecelia. x

Hi, Julie

I had a cough from Aug 06 to about Jan 07. Thought the cancer had spread to my lungs. Had two lots of antibiotics but it didn’t clear. Had a chest x-ray which showed “something”, but the onc said it didn’t look cancerous. My GP prescribed codeine linctus and it cleared up.

Interesting to read about people having it following radiotherapy. Come to think of it, I’d had 8 rads which finished just before the cough - and I never made the connection!!!
Then last September I had rads on left arm - and the cough came back!! Another couple of days on the codeine linctus and it disappeared :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Good luck to us all.

Hi Jal7777,
I had a really annoying niggly cough during FEC chemo, especially at night. It seems to have gone now I’ve moved on to the second half of my chemo which is Taxotere. I decided it must’ve been something to do with the effect of that chemo on the rapidly dividing cells lining your lungs so, in a strange sort of way, it was a good thing as it meant the chemo was effectively targetting rapid dividers.
I’ve only got one chemo left and am then on to radiotherapy. It’s such a massive learning curve.
Charlotte x