Night chat

I wish this forum wld allow a night chat so many of us can’t slp cos of fear treatment it wld be great to know someone was there whenever u was awake if u needed to chat

insomniacs anonymous… or maybe no to so anonymous.

hope you eventually got to sleep xxx

Laura, I would tend to agree with you!!! Thanks to steroids this is the main time I come online. Am I sad, not just can’t sleep and easier to come downstairs. Mind you not always steroids just the rubbish time we are going through. Best wishes. Adi

Good morning special people. I gave up last night and had a sleeping tablet - had had several nights of not sleeping and pain and was not coping - wonderful 8hr sleep with just one loo visit and straight back to sleep. I used to hate taking drugs - sometimes they really do help me to enjoy life more. Will not take any more for a while, I hope as they make me feel depressed after a few days and withdrawal is not nice (horrid nightmares). But one night of peace and feeling good today…
I had to have sleeping tablets for steroids or was a crying wreck after a few days of hardly any sleep.
Hoping for a better night for everyone tonight.

My Onc gave me Zopiclone which works quite well. NO drowsiness the next day, fairly fast acting and she assures me, non addictive. I take it the night after i’ve had a bad night so that I get enough sleep. Waking with the birds every day but quite enjoy that. It’s the wakeful dark hours that are the pits.