Night chills!!!! Brrrrrr

Hi All

I am suffering with hideous night sweats which wake me up between 3-5 times every night!!! But I am also suffering with chills. These are not from falling asleep whilst the duvet is off due to hot sweat. It’s always very early morning, I am usually wrapped up in duvet and I am just chilled right to my core and nothing I do warms me up. Eventually they wear off but can take up 20 minutes before I am warm enough to fall asleep.

Anyone else getting these? I am just coming to the end of my first box of Tamoxifen. Last chemo 29th Nov and only 2 more rads to go.



Hiya, I am also varying between the flushes and then getting really chilly, particularly hands&feet. Not sure what all that is about… Hormones no doubt! X

Hi there i also suffer the same and i havent started any treament yet i find out on Tues 1st when i get the results, feeling very tired due to lack of sleep plus anxious for tomorrow is there anything we can do for the night sweats ??

just a quick one to say I had terrible and frequent night sweats when I started Tamoxifen, as well as chills. I had to get sleeping pills to get me through the first couple of months.
It was a pretty rough few months but I just wanted to let you know that, for me at least, things have calmed down a lot after probably 3 months, to a stage where I am probably only woken by them every other night now.
Not much consolation , but hopefully it will get easier for you.
Good luck

Hi there, I started my tamox in august after 2 ops, chemo and rads…the night chills are almost worse than the night sweats aren’t they - some nights its just a rebound from hot to freesing. But I have to say while they aren’t gone they much are better, 5 months in.
bw Nicola