Night Sweats (URGH - SORRY!)

Hi All - Hope you are all having a good day and those who are not having such a good day that tomorrow is a better one :slight_smile:
Can I ask a question - is any one having night sweats on Rads? I have had chemo - 4x AC and 4x Tax finished late Dec and now have Rads - have has 14 of 20. Had surgery prior to chemo - all excised. Had sweats (day and night!) on chemo and now just having dramatic night ones! Hoping its just hormones going mad (am 39 but having other effects of early menopause thanks to chemo) Any thoughts?


CPT, I doubt that it’s anything to do with rads. Almost certainly after-effects of chemo, and if you’re on Tamoxifen then it could be Tam or chemo hangover.

You can see your GP about the hot flushes, and get a prescription for low dose of some of the more modern anti-depressants which have the welcome side-effect of counteracting hot flushes. You can’t take Prozac (fluoxetine) for them if you’re on Tamoxifen, but there are others. I know of citalopram and venlafaxine, there may be others but it’s worth having a read about them if the flushes are really getting to you.

Hi CPT funnily enough i started with hot sweats bad on a night while having rads .I am 5 weeks past rads and am still having them .I haven’t had a period since oct 27 the day of my last chemo.Im was 43 a few weeks ago.
I hate te sweats slept all through chemo then hey presto started rads and have never been the same since.Im TN so not on tamox or anything else.Hope they calm down for you as they are not nice xx

Thank you ladies - much Appreciated x