Night sweats

Hi ladies,

Just wondrered if anyone has found anything to help the dreaded night sweats? I’m premenopausal at 32 but on zoladex and currently having weekly taxol. So am most likely in temp menopause maybe?

Look forward to hearing from you


Hi Charlotte

Whilst you await replies you may find the BCC publication ‘Menopausal symptoms and breast cancer’ helpful you can access it via this link:

Our helpliners are on hand to offer you further support and information too, the lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000

Best wishes

Hi Charlotte

I was recommended 1000mg star flower oil daily. I’ve been taking it for about a month and can’t really say if there’s been any improvement. If anything the sweats have got worse during the day and slightly better at night.
I’d also read on here about a Chillow. I got one last week and although it took a few days to get used to it I’m now finding I’m sleeping for longer. By about 4 o’clock it has totally warmed up so is no longer effective but at least I’ve had a reasonable sleep up til then!
Might be worth you investing in one.
Good luck

I invested in a Chillow. I don’t actually use it as a pillow but put it in a pillowcase and then put it in the bed beside me and roll onto it when I get overheated. I then roll off again and it cools down ready for the next time.

Works for me. Best of luck.

Thanks ladies for the tips just ordered a chillies from amazon

Oopps I mean chillow


I have two chillows so when I wake up in the middle of the night and it has warmed up I can swap them over and be cool again

i have night sweats and have had them for 3years+
i have now just started taking a supplement to help with this. the only thing is that there is a warning for people with estrogen dependent tumors - mine. i am so very desperate to have a full nights sleep that i am willing to chance it. it is a 30 days supply so i thought i’d try it just for 30 days.

Hi all,
I hope you don’t mind me jumping in on this topic, but have finally succumbed to seeing my Dr about my dreadful night sweats as I was getting desperate.I had tried herbal before but that had no effect at all. I was on HRT for 22 yrs,(had a total hysterectomy at 32), when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had to stop immediately normally Dr said you are weaned off gradually.Unfortunately first operation was carried out but cancer was right up to the margin so had to have a second op 10 days later 5Th march.I have not had an unbroken nights sleep since (hubby hasn’t either bless him).
Dr was very understanding and said I needed to get back into a sleeping pattern as that would help with the healing.He had prescribed a tablet called Clonidine Hydrochloride I wondered if anyone else has been prescribed this. I am waiting for an appointment to start radiotherapy and looking at some of the posts this can also make you tired I am feeling as if I am going round in circles,and am quite low today. Sorry for such a long post I am rambling too.