Night time anxiety

Sorry early late whatever I’m on 175mg twice daily for pain peen gablin which can gain good sleep 

 Anyway has anyone ever fell slept well but woke up. Then just started getting anxious when can’t go back sleep like start shake like my minds like I know need to sleep but can’t sleep… Vicious circle I’ve just had my half dose LoraZpam prescribed for when I get this but I just wondered anyone else experienced this 



Hi Daylightdancer666,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing night time anxiety at the moment. 

It sounds like you’re doing all the right things by reaching out for support and speaking to your GP. We also have some information on our website that I hope can help: 

Take care, 

Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 

You are not alone in experiencing this. The demons do like to creep out at night, don’t they? I suffered terribly from broken sleep, and of course this does inhibit the healing process. I got help from my local Maggies centre, where I accessed a sleep workshop and also a mindfulness course. I also started TaiChi there which helped a lot.  Do you have anything like that near you, or Macmillan? My best help has been from the psychological services which my Onco organised for me. With the help of  a behavioural psychologist I have come to terms with this disease and have found ways of managing things, instead of being constantly frustrated by the limitations posed by side effects, including fatigue. Anti depressants just didn’t work for me. Top tips from me are, exercise, good diet, and living in the present . Hope you find some relief . Do let us know. ?