Quick question - I’m having my mastectomy in the next couple of weeks. Do I need a button down the front nightie?

Thanks a lot!

They’re helpful, yes. When I had mine last year I had drains and a canula, so it makes it a lot easier to be able to get things on and off around the tubing. You might also find it a little sore to try and lift your arms to get things over your head.

Best wishes for the op and recovery.

Hi @CT2021  

I’m so sorry you’re having to have a mastectomy.

Yeh, a button front nighty is better. It’s to help prevent any unnecessary pulling to the wound after the op, rather than having to stretch your arms up to pull one on and off over your head. Also allows easier access for wound checks and redressings. Obviously, pyjamas with a button top are also the same.

Hope it all goes well for you CT2021. 

Wishing you a speedy healing and recovery, and sending you lotsa love, Delly  xx   

I took button fronted pyjamas but ended up wearing a hospital gown all the time until it was time to go home

I got really bogged down with this question.  Similar to everyone else, I was in a hospital gown until it was time to go home.  I had a wrap/dressing gown thing for a bit of modesty when going to the toilet.  Make sure whatever you take to wear for going home is really easy to get on as I found my ward was very short staffed and no-one was available to assist with getting dressed.  In the end I got a pair of very soft, plain coloured Cyberjammies to wear home.  They were very easy to put on & just shoved a big zip up hoodie over the top.  This meant I could just go straight to bed.  Hope it goes well.  That first cup of tea when you get home is amazing xx