I haven’t had anything other than surgery yet but I am having increasingly horrible nightmares. Has anyone else had this? They are not breast cancer related but bad things that I am either watching or involved in and are getting increasingly violent and frightening. I have just woken up in pain from the fear after my latest one. I am wondering if it is because I feel subconsciously out of control at the moment?

Charrinch i wake up in a sweat all the time. You are not out of control but everything is different. Our world is rocked when we are given this diagnosis. You are still you but everything is different. Sending you a big hug. Lots of love xxc

Hi ladies although nightmares not necessarily related to bc our mind can work in mysterious ways to display our fears x though I must say I not had a nightmare to be awake at this time I woke up in pain and now can’t get back to sleep though meds have took pain away think it’s cause I have had 6 hours straight undisturbedslerp so now wide awake x

It’s such a strange & stressful time for us all, so it’s probably just the mind processing all those thoughts & feelings & that’s how it gets expressed. I remember similar, but it does subside.
ann x


I find I get the opposite… I have some really lovely dreams, where I’m much younger and having a great time…and then I wake up and remember… Oh yes, this is me now, 50 and recovering from BC, tired and achy!! Depressing.

Sue xx

To be honest I was relieved I was in the here and now when I woke up last night. My dream was truly terrifying and I was about to be shot be a terrorist when I woke up.
I hope that they don’t get any worse!

I’ve had the most strangest dreams and nightmares but they went after I got my treatment plan. I think our minds are overworking most of the time and deep sleep can lead to the strangest of dreams.
TV and magazine content can contribute too. Xx