Nipple colour change

It’s almost 18months since I finished rads after my chemo & lumpectomy. Over the last 6 months I’ve noticed that the nipple on the radiated side has changed colour and looks much paler & flatter than the other side.
I’ve recently had my mammo check & was given the all clear so am not worried. I just wondered if anyone else has noticed the same thing happen?

Hello Tresanne

Yes - the same thing happened to my nipple after radiotherapy. I asked about it and was told it’s quite normal for them to become paler than the other one.
Take care
Anthi x


Same with my nipple, went a very pale colour. I am not concerned about it though… x

Thanks for confirming it happens to others. Had a chat with the Breast Care Nurse at my support group who said it’s not very common and they don’t know why it happens. I was just amazed at the effect rads seems to be having on my body so long after treatment ended. Tx

What a relief to hear this. I too noticed a similar change in colour of the nipple and areola on the irradiated side to a much paler colour. My BCN said she had never heard of this. But 18 mnths on it is the same, much paler.J x

Hello I’m coming upto 3 years now had lumpectomy chemo and 5 weeks rads , my breast was not feeling right so went back last Monday had a check as i was worried and nurse said it looked and seemed all ok and felt all ok , but never noticed before as were im worried so much im checking everyday noticed that nipple on bad breast was red and the other one brown never really noticed or seen this before ???

Hi everyone has anyone found new moles on their treated boob? I’ve finished rads this week and just noticed new moles on the underside of my boob!! Is this a side effect of treatment should I be concerned??

Hi I hope someone will read my post and maybe reply. I am quite worried today as as well as the moles appearing today I have noticed large prominent long veins in my treated side that definitely were not there before rads.  Has anyone had this or can anyone offer an explanation? My boob is also turning much redder/brown now too!

Thanks ladybowler for your reply. I’m not sure if it’s me just being paranoid about everything!! I’m going to apply that 2 week rule I think and see if it all settles down. I just keep worrying about recurrence and mets!!! How do you get rid of those scary thoughts?