Nipple Disch - A known side-effect of EC Chemo?

Nipple Disch after 3rd EC - Usual?

My wife, had a mastectomy with 15 lymph nodes removed, 9 affected. There was invasive duct growth, Grade 2/3 HER -ve. She is 62yo, and is in generally good health apart from the BC. HRT for 5 years until lump discovered. Children were all breast-fed.

EC Chemo started in July, and the 3rd session this week. She is taking Dexamethosone for the usual 3 days after the chemo infusion day, plus all the usual anti‐nausea meds etc. She has 4 stages of Paclitaxol to look forward to, then RT.

Noted a white-ish discharge from remaining nipple last night, and not sure what to think. I am thinking that it may be down to the meds, or fluid retention which seems to happen for a week due to chemo.

Has anyone had or know of similar Chemo-related side effects? I am just trying to stop any unnecessary instinctive panics here.

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Hi dear, sorry about your wife.My story is exactly the same, I am 44 years old, three children breastfed for three years each, without any medical history in the family, mastectomy in July with 20 lymph nodes removed and 9 affect

I had only one cycle of AC In Ireland but I understand is EC, and 4 sessions of P later, I haven’t noticed anything yet on the other breast but I will follow your post for more details in the future.I wish you a lot of strength, patience and good health.