nipple discharge and verry worried 28 yr old

HI everyone

I am posting this on behalf of new user Liz

Hi all. I am very new to this but would really appreciate any comments or advise anyone can give me.
I have my first appointment on Thursday . I have discharge out of one nipple its not dark but milky and green at times, because there is only discharge from one nipple its more suspicious. and like everyone else i have googled it and now i am panicking i,ve about buried myself. and as the appointment gets closer the more the panic is setting in. i am 28 and have two little girls 4 and 6 and my imagination is running wild. I no its sounds silly but i keep telling myself its something and nothing, at the same time i am making arrangements for my kids. and i haven’t had my first appointment yet. I am really very scared and wondered if anyone can tell me what to expect at the breast clinic. I am the worlds worst patient and am scared its going to hurt and what the prognosis may be.

I really need to no what to expect when i get there. What will the tests be and will they hurt. How long do you have to wait for the results…

Sorry to be a pain but would really appreciate anyone’s input.

Thanks L x

Hi Liz

The vast majority of nipple discharge is due to something other than cancer, so the odds are iwell in your favour. Do you have any lumps or other symptoms or is it just the discharge? At the breast clinic, you may have a mammogramm, an ultrasound scan and probably they will try to collect some of the discharge to have a closer look at it under the microscope. Some clinics give you the results on the day, others make you wait a few days. None of the tests hurt - the mammogramm is a little uncomfortable for a few seconds as the breasts get squashed a bit. The ultrasound is totally painless. If you have a palpable lump, they may draw off some fluid and have a look at that. None of it is too bad at all. The worst part is the waiting, by far. Don’t go googling your symptoms as you will convince yourself that you have breast cancer, leprosy or plague at the very least. The mind jumps to the worst possible conclusions when scared so best not to even go there. Wait for the clinic and take it from there. Why not in the meantime, ring the helpline on this website or the cancer research or cancer backup websites. You will get to talk to an experienced nurse who will be able to answer some of your questions.

Good luck and fingers crossed


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Thanks for your response i have stopped googling. your right. when you have finished surfing your about ready to phone the undertaker… my moods seem to go up down but i suppose Thursday is D Day so better wait before worrying. It really helps to chat on here i haven’t told any family or friends yet (apart from my husband) i don’t want to unnecessarily (if thats how u spell it) worry people. i don’t think i could handle sympathetic comments. I have no lumps just an ache in my breast from time to time… I also get bruising on my calf about week before and during my menstrual cycle i have no idea weather this is related or not. have you ever heard of it.

Thanks chick

L x x

Hi L

First can I reassure you the swings in mood are completely normal, we on this site may seem to have our heads round things but I am sure the majority have the same thoughts from time to time. Anyone will tell you the waiting to find things out is the worst bit by far.

I agree with Cathy about not Googling too much, enough to ask the right questions but not too much to scare yourself and start planning your funeral, there’s no need.

When I was your age I had a similar problem, I breast fed my three children and even when the last one finished I still had small leakages. When it turned greenish I was swabbed and everything was OK and cleared with strong antibiotics.

You are right to have this checked out though, I am afraid this isn’t an older ladies disease ( I am 52) it can appear in younger women, I had cysts in my 30’s and they were easily cleared.

Finally believe me when I say when I have been to the ‘results’ clinic I have seen far far more happy smiling faces come out of the consultants room than those ladies being taken for further treatment.

Take care

Hi all

Thank you for all your advise and comments. its nice to vent sometimes and get feedback from knowledgeable people. its been invaluable to me so thanks x x x

I suppose there’s no sense in worrying until i have been, But i think sometimes you just no when something is wrong, I am in no pain but i am constantly aware of my breast, i am unusually tired and have little cyst like lumps appearing all over my body,my unexplained bruising along with the constant headache, minor complaints which in themselves i wouldn’t be necessarily worried about or even had them checked out, couple that with the nipple discharge ( has anyone else had these symptoms ). Then when the big C word was mentioned i think the imagination took over. I may be adding 2 and 2 together and making 100 but there’s just something not right.

But i am going tomorrow with the thought “far more people come out of here with a smile than without”. thanks Carol x and now knowing nothings going to hurt i am feeling much more positive about going…

Thanks guys your stars x

Hi L

Good luck, keep in touch


Hi all

Well i went yesturday the consultant had a feel and couldnt feel any lumps so i have not had a mammogram or ultra sound or even sent the discharge for tests ( because it does not appear bloodstained) .is this normal or am i being fobbed off i find this really strange. I have however had a blood test for prolactin levels to look for a pituitry tumor. and an appointment for six weeks time. so i just dont no anything and still more waiting.

Not sure what to do now can anyone help

Try not to worry any more. If you have seen a consultant and the discharge is NOT bloodstained I think you can rest assured it is not anything to worry about. (see my post in the other thread about discharge if you want to know about blood from nipple as that IS worth getting a mammogram for.)
But it is only if the discharge is bloody (one of the symptoms of DCIS) that you need to worry.
Hope this puts your mind to rest.
L x


I have replied on your other post. I have copied it again below. I read your post earlier, but didnt want to alarm you, assuming that you were going to see a consultant who would diagnose your symptoms. However, I think you have been short changed. You need to know what it is. My discharge was not blood stained - it was yellow. I had pagets (nipple cancer). I say ‘had’ - because now, I dont have it!! :wink:

Please, please go back. This type of ignorance from consultants makes me mad!!
I was diagnosed with pagets (nipple cancer) in April this year. My symptom was discharge from the left nipple (only one nipple). I did NOT have any lumps. I needed a mastectomy.
It took nearly 6 weeks of tests to finally diagnose it - discharge showed abnormal cells, mammo showed microcalcifications, core biopsy was inconclusive. It was finally when they took a sample of nipple tissue under local that they finally diagnosed pagets.
It was a difficult time for me, and my family - but I am not well, and looking forward to a recon in 12 days time (WHhhhopppeeeee).

It was only after the matectomy that they finally could analyse the full extent of what I had - it was DCIS and pagets. However, I am now free of cancer.
I dont want to fighten you, but I wouldnt want you to regret not following it up in a few years time, if they have missed something.
If it can be caught at an early stage, the chances of needing chemo are reduced, and your prognosis is excellent.

Go back - insist on more tests, or at least an explanation of what this discharge is, if it is not cancer

Liz, I didn’t know that other discharges could also be cancer - I was told (again, every doctor saying something different) that they were only worried if the discharge had blood in it. Mine was only blood and frankly they ignored that for years…one despairs really. And I think it is hard to push for a second opinion when you have already seen a consultant, but after reading your story, I take back my post above and urge you Liz to go back and get checked out ASAP.
L x

Hi No worries i think every one has a conflicting story depending where they come from. I rang the nurse today to express my concerns and they are going to do some test. it was a concern enough for my doctor send me to the breast clinic for further investigation… and what concerned me more than anything is that there is clearly something there. weather or not its cancer and it needs investigating there could be blood that’s only detected by a micro scope. if its not cancer then i need to no what it is and a simple blood test is never going to diagnose that… so i am back tomorrow afternoon. so i let you no whats been said