nipple discharge&breast pain

Hi there,
I’m 41 and my mum had breast cancer and a mastectomy when she was in her early forties. Hers presented itself as a lump and she caught it very quickly.
About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I began leaking from one breast. My GP said she thought it was a prolactinoma but I had the test and it was normal.
This week I’ve had such bad pain in the discharging breast that its difficult to drive, I cant bear the covers on me when I sleep as it hurts and my armpit aches. I went back to the doctor and now have an urgent referral to the breast clinic.
Should I be worried, or aren’t these really signs of BC?
Thank you for any help!

whether you should be worried or not, you are worried. I think it is best to check these things out, it definitely sounds as if something is up. Breast cancer is usually painless, but not always. There are other breast conditions that cause pain, for example abscesses, but your family history is bound to alert you to the possibility of breast cancer.

The earlier it is caught the better


Hi everyone,

thanks for your answers. I’m freaking out a bit (well a lot really!!) as I havent got the referral through yet, I know its only a week but I kind of expected a letter with an appointment for next week as its an urgent referral, and the pain is really bad. Also just underneath my breast hurts on my bones - I suppose thats ribs there, isnt it? Has anyone had anything like this? I’m worried that it will be bad news and I’m freaking out because I have a son with Aspergers Syndrome who relies on me for everything. Sorry for moaning on about it and thanks for any replies!


I find myself in a similar position, Im 35, ive got breast pain, nipple discharge and a lump. I went to my gp yesterday and have been given an urgent referral. My mum has also had breast cancer a couple of years ago aged 59. Im worried sick and have been sat waiting for the phone to ring with an appointment all morning. Ive only been waiting a day and it seems like an eternity, i cant imagine what i’ll be like if i dont hear for another week!. Heres hoping we both hear soon and all goes well.

Thinking of you. Good luck x