Nipple Discharge Please help

Hi, sorry to bother you all, i have just worked myself up. about 4 weeks ago i started getting a very dark green almost black discharge out of one pore on my right breast. I went to the drs who just told me it was nothing to worry about. but i did worry so went back again yesterday. Saw a different dr who After feeling for lumps (which i am not sure he would feel if any was there as i am big breasted)and no discharge coming out at time said he would refer me to the hospital. Whilst he was writing in my notes, i tried again to get some discharge out to show him, this time some came out, he took one look and said he would fax an urgent referral accross. This has made me worried even more. I have tried to find info online, but think it just makes me worse as most say if it is only from one breast and one pore it is more important that you get it check out. I am 32 years old single mum to a 3,5 and 8 year old, and am panicing.

any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hi Smiler

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums where I am sure you receive valuable support and information from your fellow forum users.

I understand that you will be worried about the discharge and often the waiting for an appointment is one of the most difficult times, therefore, please feel free to contact our confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 for further support, information or even just to talk about your feelings and concerns.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards

Breast Cancer Care

Hi there,

It is good that your doctor is taking this seriously and you can expect to be seen within 2 weeks.
Hang in there. People here are lovely and very supportive.
If you want to, you can ring the helpline and talk to someone.
I’m in the limbloand waiting game because of nipple discharge, too.
Let us know how you are.

Hi Smiler

Breast Cancer Care have published a leaflet called ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which may help you to understand what may happen at your breast clinic appointment, you can read it via the following link:

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Smiler,

I am in a similar position in that the waiting game has just started for me. The good news is that it is being investigated promptly which is great. Hope the results are good for you. Let me know how you get on.

Love Sharon x

Hi there,

I have just been through the whole nipple discharge and can honestly say it was the scariest time of my life. Mine has all turned out benign - thank God.

Mine started when I had a rust coloured discharge when I squeezed my breast. I went along to the Drs (I live in US at the mo) and he referred me for a mammo and ultrasound as I have history in my family (my mum). Went along to the Mammo and U/S and they said they could see lesions on the breast in question and I would need a biopsy. Was completely and utterly petrified.

Long story short, I didn’t need the biopsy as I then went to a breast specialist clinic here (the one where I’d had the mammo and ultrasound was general imaging rather than breast specialist), and the Dr there re ultrasounded and said they were simply lymph nodes. She was very knowledgeable and spoke to me about all the “pipes” we have in our breasts and how common discharge was.

I searched and searched on line during the waiting period and had myself dead and buried with all the “definitely cancer” descriptions regarding my symptoms. The Dr at the breast clinic told me to stop squeezing (as I was obsessing with it to see if it would stop) and that it should heal itself. I will have a follow up in 6 months which is standard procedure here.

There is nothing that makes the waiting easier, although I did discipline myself to stop Googling and surfing as that was making me far worse - other than this site which was a wealth of support.

Let us know how you get on. Kerrie

PS: I’ve just turned 34 so about the same age! Mine was also just out of one pore, on one breast.

Hi Smiler

I am from Kent actually and have my appointment for my core biopsies on the 11th October.Having 3 samples taken. two from the left and one from the right. I get my results on the 19th so amjust literally counting the days till the 19th now so I know.

The waiting is the hardest part for me so knowjust how you feel. Keepme posted on yours also

Sharon x

thanks for the message.

can relate totally to the ‘googling’ i have now stopped, other than reading the forums on this site. i am trying not to worry until i have seen the consultant, so keep myself busy to stop myself thinking about it. I know its something, just am hoping its just a papiloma or how ever you say it.

i fidn this site very helpful and useful, lots of people who understand.

thanks for all the support. i wish everyone a speedy recovery and hope those who have been in touch will keep me updated

many thanks


Hi Smiler

Hope you are doing ok. Got my core biopsies on thursday so waiting to get that out of the way so can move on to the results.

Hope that you are managing ok and finding the support help[s.

Keep me posted too

Sharon x

hi smiler

I am 51yrs old and have been having a dark brown discharge from one nipple for some time now. My GP referred me to the breast clinic and I was first seen in July. The consultant did’nt seem very bothered about it as I had been for a routine breast screening mammogram, which had come back clear and arranged to see me in 3 months time.

I went back to the breast clinic today and told the consultant that I was still getting the discharge and also pain in the one breast. Again he said that he did’nt think it was anything to worry about but got me to squeeze my nipple and take a sample of the discharge for testing. Have to go back in 3 weeks time for the results.

He seems to think that I have Duct estasia, which is not a serious condition. I like you have have months of worry, but I think that once you have been to the breast clinic you will feel better, as I do now, so try not to worry.

Let us all know how you get on



Hi there,

I too was referred to the breast clinic for discharge of 1 duct. I was seen 2 weeks ago now, he took samples of the discharge and because red blood cells and other ‘abnormalities’ were seen I had an operation on Monday called a Hadfields procedure where all the ducts from that breast were removed. I am now playing the waiting game again til next Friday when I go back for the lab results. Consultant didn’t seem too worried on my 1st visit 3 weeks earlier and said it was probably duct ectasia, the lumps were also several cysts but then he moved very quickly when he had the smear results.

Waiting is awful and our imaginations do go into over drive but try and stay calm, fingers and eyes crossed for you

love D x

hi, sorry not posted for a while, been so busy with kids, i have three and all three have ended up in hosp for one reason or another in last three weeks. Well i had a letter from the hosp saying there is a six month waiting time and they will contact me 5 weeks before my appointment with the date and time. is this normal, this seems an awful long time to wait, esp as my dr put urgent on there, all advice greatly appreciated, hope everyone is doing ok.

smiler xx

Hi Smiler,

6 months seems a long time for you to have to wait for an urgent referral. Can I suggest you give the helpline a call and they will be able to explain to you the NICE guidelines in respect of this. The number is freephone 0808 800 6000, lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.

Kind regards

Joe, Moderator
Breast Cancer Care

hi all

ok, just got back from the dr, saw number 3 this time, a lovely female dr, who explained its highly unlikely that it is cancer, but more likely to be hormonal and linked to depression. she took some bloods and i got to go back on friday. feel a lot better, she is the first dr, that has explained in detail what happens and how its linked to hormonal. so will wait till friday now and what blood shows. thanks for all your advice, hope you are all coping and are ok.

will update soon



Posted on behalf of Liz.

HI, its my first time on here. and i am a little nervous. i have discharge out of one nipple its not dark but milky and green at times, and like everyone else i have googled it and now i am panicking i,ve about buried myself it seems that because its only one nipple its cancer. So i have taken your stance and stopped googling. My dtr was amazing i have been referred to the breast clinic very quickly in comparison my appointment is this Thursday and as it gets closer the more the panic is setting in. i am 28 and have two little girls 4 and 6 and my imagination is running wild.i no its sounds silly but i keep telling myself its something and nothing, at the same time i am making arrangements for my kids. and i haven’t had my first appointment yet. I am really very scared and wondered if anyone can tell me what to expect at the breast clinic.

Thanks Liz

Hi there
I’m not wanting to scare anyone but please take serious blood coming out of one nipple as this is one of the symptoms of DCIS (which if high grade and wide spread will lead to a mastectomy) or at least a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. There are not that many symptoms of DCIS (pre-cancer or early cancer ) but one of them is blood from a nipple.

I can only share my story. I had blood from my nipple - only when I squeezed it (I was breastfeeding at the time, which is why I was squeezing!). I was referred immediately to the specialist breast unit and they told me it was to do with pregnancy (I was pregnant at the time).

Almost 3 years later I was still having the bleeding (except I didn’t realise until I was squeezing my breast (expressing milk while breastfeeding). I was dismissed by my GP and told to forget about it. I went to another GP and insisted on going back to the breast unit. I was mammogrammed, ultrasounded and then I had a biopsy. I had DCIS and three weeks later had a mastectomy and lymph nodes taken out (there is a small chance of spread). The worry that I had left it for so long was immense.

If you have had a mammogram (make sure it is digital) and they cannot find anything, then you are fine. But don’t just take a GP or junior doctor at the breast unit’s word for it. See a consultant if you can.

Don’t worry unnecessarily but please don’t ignore this symptom. It seems one has to fight for a diagnosis these days…

Sending love,

L x