nipple discharge

Hi everyone,
I’ve just come across this site and thought maybe someone out there could offer me a bit of honest advise. I went to my GP last Monday after noticing a small brown spot of liquid on my left nipple. I gave it a squeeze and more came out . The brown stuff was only coming from one pore but there was other stuff coming from 2 or 3 different pores which was a creamy colour and a bit sticky to the touch. My GP noticed that my left nipple was bigger than the right and although it doesn’t feel sore, it looks a bit red and slightly crusty. It also itches like mad sometimes and can also feel very tingly as if someone is sticking a needle into it. My GP has referred me to my local breast clinic but said it would be a few weeks before I heard anything as I didn’t need a 2 week referral. This put my mind at rest until 4 days later when a letter came from the hospital with an appointment for the following week. Is there a chance I may have paget’s disease or am I being neurotic? Has anyone else had these signs and symptoms and what was the outcome? Many thanks and sorry for such a long post.

Hello Mozzie,
Sorry youve had to end up having to come posting on this site… as wonderful as it is for help and support.
Iv been having discharge from my nipple but it has been bloody. I had a milk duct removed in sep last year and by christmas i was having the same from an other duct. i went to see the surgeon at the clinic 2 weeks ago and ihave just had my pre op today to have all the ducts removed. There are many reasons why we have discharge from our nipples and it not always anything to worry about. Its very good youve been seen so soon and fingers crossed all will be well.
Sorry i cant be of any help as i dont know anything about pagets disease but please feel free to give me a shout if you need a gab and to let it all out.
take care
claire xx

Dear Mozzie
It is easy to say but dont panic about getting an apointment sooner than you thought. I think most clinics try and see everyone in two weeks, I think it could be a government directive but not sure.
Good luck and let us know how you get on

Hello again,
Many thanks for your replies, it’s so nice to have someone to talk to. My mum passed away a few years ago and I don’t have any sisters or aunts so you girls are now my surrogate family so to speak. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say how fantastic you all sound, you’ve all made me feel really positive about my visit to the clinic, which is tomorrow by the way. I feel really strange at the moment because one minute I’m sure they won’t find anything but then I become frightened that they might. I suppose it’s normal to feel like this isn’t it? Anyway, thanks once again for your support and I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hello again everyone,
I had my appt at clinic yesterday, the news was good but not conclusive. I was like a jibbering wreck before I went, couldn’t stop shaking, couldn’t eat beakfast and was physically sick twice. Anyway I had the usual exam and the doc couldn’t feel any lumps. I then went for mam and scan and returned with my notes to wait and see Doc for results. One hour and fifty minutes later, I was still waiting and as you can imagine, all sorts of things were going through my head. I was close to tears and very nearly just walked out. I eventually asked someone what was happening and within ten minutes of that I was seeing a doctor. It turned out my notes had gone missing after I’d given them to the nurse at the desk!
I wasn’t angry or anything like that because I know these things happen but the anxiety was unbelievably overwhelming. Anyway, Doc said they couldn’t see anything on the mam or scan but because I was unable to express any discharge (because I’d done it in the shower that morning to check it was still brown and there wasn’t enough left to take a sample- how stupid was that of me?) she was unable to give me a definite diagnosis so I have to return in 4 weeks.
I was in clinic for over 4 hours and by theb time I got out I was emotionally drained and just wanted to get home, unfortunately I had to go straight back to work ( I work on the oncology ward at a children’s hospital) but I asked my manager if I could be excused the staff double staff meeting that evening. Being the kind sensitive soul that she isn’t, she said no! So I had to sit through 2 meetings (the minutes of which i could have read at a later date) when all i wanted to do was to get home to my husband for a hug and good old cry. I know this is all a drop in the ocean compared to what you girls are going through and I’m really sorry for having a rant when I should really be celebrating the fact that nothing showed on the scans.For anyone who has waded through this epic, thank you so much for “listening”, I do feel better for it. Hopefully, my next appointment at the clinic might be my last as doc thinks I may have a papilloma or duct problem but I want you all to know that I shall be thinking of you, what an incredibly brave and positive bunch you all are. If, in the future things take a turn for the worse, this will be my first port of call. But for now, thanks once again for being there when I needed comfort amd support.
Take care
love Mozzie xxx

Hi Mozzie


Sorry to hear that your clinic was not conclusive, but I suppose, as you said, it is good that nothing obvious was picked up on the scans.

I am new to all this as well, and like you was told I didnt need an urgent referral but that turned out to mean a possible 9 week wait for results, something i wasnt willing to do, I have now fought for, and got a referral to the fasttrack clinic on Tuesday so I am grateful that I dont have to wait too much longer.

I agree with you whole heartedly over your comments regarding the women on here that have supported me and each other in such an amazing way. I also understand completely about being able to “talk” and be “listened to” by people who understand totally and it can simply be that that helps us get through things.

It is awful that your manager made you sit through the meeting, did she know what you had just been through? Especially as you work on an oncology ward, you would think she would understand. I am lucky in that my boss is lovely and she is so understanding, good job really as I havent been able to function properly for most of this week, mainly due to lack of sleep!

Anyway, lots of hugs and positive thoughts from me and hope that things go ok in 4 weeks time.

Take care of yourself

Hannah2 xx

Hi Hannah2,

Glad you got a quicker appointment, I hope your news turns out to be good too. My manager did know what I’d been through but chose to ignore it, still we can’t go through life without having dealings with nasty, insensitive people can we?
I know exactly what you mean about not functioning properly, I wasn’t able to eat much without it coming back and sleeping through the night was impossible, I have lost nearly a stone in weight in 4 weeks because of the anxiety of it all but at least the worst is over, I hope! I wish you all the best on Tuesday and plaese keep me posted as to how you get on.
Take care

Ooooohhhh Mozzie, I wish I had lost weight :wink: Not due to the circumstances you understand but unfortunately it has had the opposite effect on me and i have reached for the wine and chocolate!!! Oh dear.

I will of course keep people posted. Just focusing on Tuesday now and getting the clinic over and done with.

I am sure you are checking off the days on the calendar as well, 4 weeks is an eternity to wait (that was the time i was due to wait for my initial appointment).

Hopefully it will pass quickly for you.

Hugs and take care and hope you can sleep a little bit better now.

H x

Hi H2,

Just a quickie to let you know I will be thinking of you on Tues. Fingers crossed everything is ok.
Take care chucky egg.