Nipple excision and burning pain

Dressings off day before yesterday. By yesterday evening couldn’t bear anything touching the wound. Sat in bed just now with a plastic bowl covering my left breast so that I can have the bed covers over me! Slept last night in a loose t-shirt after having taken brufen and paracetamol and a low dose Valium from when I had the news! Had a segmentectomy for stage 2 cancer with the nipple area taken away - have a purse string suture; lymph node clear. Until the dressings taken off I haven’t had much pain, more a heaviness and aching as a day progressed. Now I can’t bear anything touching the central wound. Last night my husband went to the supermarket looking for an ‘eye-bath’ which we thought might help inside a bra. He said all he found seemed too small, and brought baby bottle feeding nipples - seem the best thing at the moment, with the end cut off. It,s soft against my skin, but I’m just concerned about the pressure on the surrounding breast area with prolonged use. Any suggestions very welcome! Thanks xxxx


Hi Liz may be worth getting some advice from your breast care nurse ,she may suggest going down to the clinic for them to check all is ok with your wound ,they may also have some suggestions re your discomfort (maybe stronger painkillers).Good luck .Jill.

I had my nipple removed to but my surgeon would not let them do any dressing changes at all. Now I know why and am very grateful! I had to keep my original dressings on until I went back to see the surgeon 16 days later. I have a starfish incision.

Hi Liz

I had my nipple reattached, so lovely big scar all around! Found very painful for the first couple of days and the trick was to take the painkillers before the pain got too bad. It settled down after that. I also kept all bandages on and an elastic wrap-around support for 2 weeks that helped. So glad to take it off then, as really needed a wash!

Sending a hugx