Nipple gone flat on one side and tiny spots/lumps at the side

Hello, I’m hoping someone may be able to give me some advice. I have recently been referred to Breast clinic and my appointment is on Thursday.
6 months ago my nipple started leaking discharge I got referred to breast clinic and they basically said it was to do with having my daughter and come back if it does not stop leaking. I have now noticed my nipple has gone flat on one side. It’s like it’s indented in and is a strange shape also at the side of where it has indented in there is tiny lumps and also still leaks.
I’m so anxious about my appointment trying not to think of the worst but it’s so hard. Just wondered if anyone has experienced the same as this.


Hi Nellie,
Inevitably, anxiety goes with the territory when waiting for a breast clinic appointment as it’s hard to stop the mind going into the worst case scenario, but it normally doesn’t come to that.
One of the others may be able to share any similar experience, but when it comes down to it, you’ve done all you need ro for now & the breast clinic will sort it out for you.
If you want to, let is know how you get on.
ann x