Nipple injection...what’s it like

Calling all Betty Boobs who’ve been there, done that…the pre-op nipple injection of radioactive liquid that shows up the lymph nodes. What’s it like? Now be honest Betties…



The actual injection itself takes literally seconds, you feel a teeny weeny scratch and it is all over.  I was looking away whilst she did it and suddenly she said ok you can get dressed now, it was really easy, I am a wuss with injections so was terrified but honestly it is nothing to worry about.  They will put a little “sticker” on the area where the injection was done in readiness for the op


Helena xxx

Had all my lymph nodes taken out (axillary clearance) and don’t recall an injection being done …?, they must’ve already known where they all were ! I’m sure it will be a very minor jab, injections/blood tests/cannulas, none of mine hurt, they all were such experts…


TBH, it’s now ten days after my op, and apart from the under/upper arm area, I did not have much pain at all, which has amazed me really. (I think I’ve been a bit over ambitious today with the advanced arm exercises though - a bit ouch-ouch…)

I did make the mistake of over stretching the arm two days after op, - remember not to do that, won’t you !


You will be fine, I’m sure ! Experts at painless jabbing, these people. .




We never had that in 2001…my things move on don’t they?

I am having my lumpectomy on the 17th July having the radioactive injection the day before. I have had a few comments and u have reassured it will be fine after been thru 2 biopsys Can t be worse. .
Hope all goes well for you ?

trying to keep positive as much as I can it had to be done just need to get on with it. Going to have a look at the radiotherapy room tomorrow to see what is done ECT. Because I am going on holiday for two weeks then having my lumpectomy a few days after I get back not time to do it then . X

Thanks all you Betty Boobs… I was just curious TBH. I had a wierd dream the other night where I was waiting for my op, my iPhone was dangling out of reach from the ceiling, a nurse was flat out in a deckchair (dreams…huh?) and then a French surgeon and his team rushed in, all Edward scissorhands like, and proceeded to hold me down and attach a big fat rusty nipple clamp thing to me! ??


Needless to say I’ve nothing to fear after that!

Honestly the injection is not done in the nipple. It’s in an area just outside. It is definitely the easiest procedure to go through of those I have had. The wire insertion was the worst I cannot lie!!! K was glad when surgery took place so I could finally be knocked out!!! Good luck with it all. I am 7 months post lumpectomy and SNB op, 4 months post rafs and all going well ???

Must have had a bad experience with my wire thingy it hurt like hell when they did it!! Everything else was relatively pain free!! But everyone has different experiences do don’t want to frighten or upset anyone just telling it like it was for me! Good luck!!!???

Well Helena it seems ages ago now!! Last November and all is good!! Hope you are feeling brighter and more positive now about your upcoming op. Best wishes lovely lady ???

Hi Alibobs
How things change I’m noticing a lot of ladies getting the pre-op nipple injection before there op, when I had mines a few years back I got that done when I got taken to surgery the consultant explained that i would get injected with the blue dye before they start the operation, in a way I’m kind of glad because the thought of that needle going through your nipple being awake and knowing what they would be doing kind of is a bit scary! Especially if anything like me not liking needles, mind you by the end of everything you kind of get use to them. I had to end up getting all my lymph nodes out and just before it all I got told I would be getting a wire put in, I just panicked and got myself into a right state that thankfully didn’t get it done, new exactly were he was having to go.

Hi arl I had the tracer injection b4 the lumpectomy but it was not actually into the nipple. Just into the area outside of the nipple, it was nothing! The blue dye was put in during my surgery so didn’t feel a thing there. Still have a blue blob though 7month later!!! My snb scar has now almost disappeared but my WLE scar is still evident although very much faded and completely healed and flat.???

my experience, 9 days ago, it was not at all bad, the local for the biospy was worse

And the way the dye comes out your body!!!
I was actually pretty amazed ???

Hi all


This is a very reassuring thread to read. I was only diagnosed last week and only told about the nipple injection and wire being needed pre-op today so that upped my anxiety levels. 


But now having read all the comments I’m not worried too much. It sounds like the mammotome biopsy I had was more uncomfortable than these things. 


Question though - what did you all do between the injection and actual op to keep yourself calm? I was told it’ll be several hours after the injection before you get taken for the op and I’m assuming you’re on a pre-op Ward where family members can’t sit with you. And I struggle to focus on reading when I’m anxious. 


Anyone got any top tips? 


K x 

Hello Quaggie ,I had my injection the day before at a different hospital and the guidewire inserted on the morning of the op .I didn’t have to wait too long after that before I went down for surgery.If you are in for day surgery some hospitals allow relatives to stay with you til you go down .I kept myself occupied talking to the ladies here on the forum .Let us know when you are going in and we can keep you company .