nipple lumps can they be normal??

i have been here quite a few times, but new symtoms have arrived.

it started like a hard grain of rice, now there are 2 small lumps hard at the base of the nipple
no pain
looks like a raise spot but alittle bigger,
this breast nipple is normally inverted but for the last two month or so it has become exverted

am i worrying about nothing or should i get them checked,

was here last year and it was a fluid cyst which was in the larger side of the breast.

my hubby says ignore it

love to all you wonderful ladies

Hi Cee

I dont think you should ignore it, it wouldnt hurt just to have it checked out. If I were you I would phone the breast clinic because you have been there before and ask the breast care nurse. These are new symptoms and I personally would check them out otherwise it will be on your mind.

Let us know what happens.

Yvonne xx

Hi Cee

You shouldn’t ignore it because you have new symptoms, especially if your nipple has changed. It is likely to be nothing to worry about but there is a always a slim chance that it may not be. If it is nothing, then it won’t do any harm to get it checked. If it is something, the sooner that you get it treated the better. I know its a pain having to go through all the doctor thing again, but you can’t afford not to.

hi Cee

Yes, i agree with all of you, just spend a little time to have a check up. If it is normal, thanks God, if it is not, treat it right the way.

Good Luck

thankyou all i will phone doc in the morning to get an appt

i think with all my ill health i have got fed up with being proded and mauled

as i only get 3hrs a day that is good

bless you all ty so very much

still trying to pick up the courage to go to gp, we have moved and new gp’s so dont know them , plus i,m very low at the mo, i have major health issues, mainly heart and i know i havent got a long life ahead
i just have feelings of why bother my poor body is getting weak and it is so hard to go on and on

i,m 54 yrs have my hubby and two adult kids one son and one daughter

i will get to it i,m sure, it has now developed to two lumps and another grain on the nipplea area

love to all

Hi Ceegra,

Please do pluck up the courage and go and see your G.P. as soon as possible, they are there to help you.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

after much badgering from my hubby i have made an appoint to see the nurse at the gp next week for my diabetic blood test, i will mention and show her these lumps

and take it from there

i did a sugar test today and oh dear it was high so i have resigned myself to getting my levels down before i see nurse on the 5th june

thanks for the support i am trying to get there

i think it is just fear i know the last one was benign and is still there even tho they drained it

but these feel totally different, but they all start with a long grain rice feel before they grow into a larger lump

bless you all

Good luck with your appointment cee

Yvonne xx

Hi Cee,
Good luck, hope appointment goes well.
Caz x

Cee,i have sent you a message via Jules1964 post.Please read if you can x

hi dita, babe i promise i will make an appointment on monday, i dont have much self confidence as lifespan in my family is very poor, we only make it to 58 ish
if not earlier, mum and dad were very young
and i have also lost four brothers
there are just 4 of us left

i already have multiple health issues including very poor heart, diabetis on insulin and i,m wheelchair bound

i,m 54 yrs so you see why i find solace in what i dont know does it matter??

but you have made me rethink and i will phone the doc monday, i have an appoint booked with diabetic nurse but my sugars are haywire at the mo

thankyou for the kick i really needed it

did you get the all clear cos i dont see your results babe

godbless you

Hi Cee,Please don’t think i was nagging you.I’m so sorry that your health is not good and that you’ve lost so many members of your family.I can appreciate that you must get very down sometimes but i get the feeling that you’re giving up on yourself.The thing is you are only 54 which is still young.I know some of your family have passed young but that doesn’t mean you will.Unfortunately you can’t change history but you can help control your future.If there was something wrong you can get treated and if not then that’s great and you can concentrate on other issues in your life.If you see the doctor next week then within 2 weeks of that you would know what’s happening.Believe me i have never been so scared before my hospital appointment.I’ve had panic attacks and been agoraphobic since i was 17 so not only was i worried about the results but getting to the hospital and staying there without freaking out and running out the door.But somehow i did it and it turned out i just had a cyst.I was relieved beyond belief but 2 days later it still hasn’t really sunk in and i’m having bad panic attacks and have no idea why.But it will improve.I promise you,you will feel so much better when you know where you stand.It is stressful but you sound like a strong woman and i’m sure you will cope really well.Please do make the appointment.You may see the doctor and they could say it’s nothing,you just don’t know.As for your other health issues i hope that you get lots of support and help from your doctors,etc.Please don’t give up.You are young and try not to worry.Let me know how you get on.Lots of love and best wishes to you xxx

hi dita,
bless you i didnt consider that you were nagging hon, but you are right i have given up on life, which i know is wrong but the long daily pain is awful the doc;s have done all they can,
but i do agree if there is something that could be improved i should follow it up, i am def ringing the doc in the morning.

i go through dark periods from time to time given fam history but then i think i have a loving hubby and 2 grown kids
i have promised them i,m going nowhere till they are married and settled if i poss can.

the other scares me, and i fully understand how you feel with your attacks i suffer panic attacks for years after my accident, it is only self control that will help you cope with them.
i found sipping a drink during them help, and also control your breathing
try if you can to look at the logic that will help you get rid of them

if not seek help sweetheart, i did

i,m so pleased your results were good are they leaving the cyst there or was it drainable

i want to thankyou for your support, i do have a wonderful family, except this last month has been hard as my daughter tried to commit suicide twice
thank god we got to her on her last attempt

she was due to be married at christmas this year but found out her ex was gay

she blamed herself

that is poss why my sugs have gone haywire

ploding along though
love to you

Oh ceegra, I felt so sad when I read your post. You have so much on your mind. Your poor daughter, I hope she receives the treatment that she really needs. My daughter is under the mental health team for depression, so I can understand your worry. Sending lots of hugs.

Jules xxxx

oh dear, I think your daughter was better finding out her fiance was gay before they married. I know quite a few gay people and I don’t think they blame anyone for making them have their sexuality - although I sometimes wonder about their mothers!!

Actually I think it’s a matter of what you are born with

it’s no good living a lie though


I think its awful that the guy has lead this poor girl up the garden path, and made her so ill that she has tried to kill herself twice. I too have lots of gay friends and also have a really good friend who is a transexual (was born a man but has now has all the surgery to make her a women).

Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of, but arranging a marriage and breaking her heart and leaving her so distraught that she has tried to kill herself is nothing but selfish. Ceegra, I really hope your poor daughter gets over this in time.

My friend has a son who is seventeen, we have suspected for along time that he might be gay. He has always been quite different barbie dolls at 10, nail varnish, blah blah. Lovely lovely lad, but very different. He admitted to his mother at Christmas time that he was gay and has a boyfriend. He said he likes girls but the thought of sex with them turns his stomach so he is definately gay, incase anyone says its a phase. He told his mum that when he is older he will maybe find a girlfriend and “pretend he is straight” for a short period so that he can father a child. He said then he would admit to her the truth. My friend told him that it would be totally unacceptable behaviour and she would be disgusted with him if he lead a poor girl on in that way.

Dear Cee,Know wonder you are so stressed out.Your dear daughter really mustn’t blame herself.Her boyfriend should have been honest with himself and then definitely honest with her.Maybe his parents,friends,etc are homophobic which is why he could of been living a lie.I can’t begin to imagine how she is feeling but thank God she found out before they were married.or worse still,had children with him.Has she been admitted to hospital because of her suicide attempts?If she has i would have thought that they would involve a mental health professional to help her or possibly have had her admitted to a psychiatric facility.I’ve been to one in the past and they are good places to go if you are so unhappy.They could sort out therapy and medication.There is,unfortunately,still a slight stigma when it comes to mental health issues but ignore it.I live in a tiny village where gossip is rife and i know people say things about be but i couldn’t care less.They’re just ignorant.Try and encourage her to seek help and,if possible,go with her.I really hope she will be ok and i’m sure she will.She can find someone now who is worthy of her.It will take time but i’m certain she will get there.I’m so glad you are making an appointment tomorrow.Once you get that sorted and off your mind you will feel better.Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on.Thinking of you.Lots of love x.p.s my cyst is drainable and the doctor said he could do it there and then but i said no as i just wanted to get out of the place! It won’t do any harm though by not being drained so i’ll leave it for the time being and maybe go back.

hi all thankyou so much, my dear baby daughter is coming through it ok, she was in hosp as she nearly made the other side on her last attempt
but he still keeps ringing her and calling her names etc

he said she should have died, and that he wishes i were dead in the next six month

he is one mixed up lad, he needs help himself, but i,m not his mom, his father is dead, i think there were issues when he was younger but to lead my gal on was terrible,

i knew there was something about him and i think that was why he didnt like me.

he is not like any of my gay friends they are lovely

well, i went to the doc he was very notulant pardon spelling he said, he thinks they are imflamed milk ducts and not to worry i thought ok maybe but he just was not listening to what i said.

i had basal cell cancer last year on my head. removed ok.

i said what should i do to help it settle down

oh nothing he says
it might go away on its own or it might get bigger

i failed to tell him i had had them growing for the last three months so i guess i was to blame there

because i a big gal he said the original lump was hard to find cos of the flesh

i,m not worried bout that one i know it is a cyst

i would have felt happier if he had sent me to the clinic

oh well never mind

you gals are wonderful and i feel much better having the support

i see my nurse thurs i think i will mention this to her and tell her i,m not happy

love to all

Never listen to a bloody GP…They haven’t got a clue when it comes to breast lumps…Trust me!!
Go back and get a 2nd opinion hun, 5 yrs ago at 19yrs old i went to the gp with a lump who felt it and sent me away saying ‘its nothing to worry about you’re too young’…5 years on i go back with a lump on the same side and am dx with bc and dcis (a pre cancer) that may well have been picked up if i’d been referred 5 years ago…
Your life is too precious to not get a referral, for you and your family.
Your daughter needs you…Lots of Love to you.x.x.x.x.x.

Oh and i have some choice words for her prat of an ex that can’t be aired on here!!!