nipple pain after radiotherapy

I had a 5 day burst of treatment my scar was an inch above my nipple but the nipple appears to be sore is this normal.

Hi Cath,

Do you mean 5 days of focused boosters at end of wider radio to your breast?

It’s normal to have some sensitivity to your skin after radio. Sometimes this persists for a few weeks after radio.

The radio team should have given you cream to continue using after the end of radio. If it starts to look/seem more like a burn than just skin irritation then contact them and ask if you need a different cream. I was given Flamazine (a burn cream) which really helped (note only for after/end of radio since it contains metal).

I also wore a piece of really soft 100% cotton T-shirt fabric in my bra to help air get at the burn and reduce rubbing/friction. Eventually I had some skin flake off and got back to normal albeit a slightly lighter shade of skin tone there!

You might also notice a few quick short sharp zap sensations…which my breast care nurse informed was the nerves repairing after the radio.

Wishing you a good recovery.

Seabreeze x