Nipple recon

Hi all

Has anyone had nipple recon with skin grafting at all?

I was due to have a nipple recon last week, got to the hospital and was in the operating room, when my surgeon said that he could not do it as the skin is so close to the implant and that it would burst and cause mayhem!

He said the only way that i may be able to have a nipple is through plastic surgery and that would mean yet another general anaesthetic, which i cannnot face right now…

I am fed up as i really wanted the recon done and dusted once and for all…

Hi Naz,

I had a nipple sharing graft three weeks ago. This is where they take part of your good nipple and use that. It’s still healing at the moment and too early to give a final verdict, but so far so good.

I know what you mean about another general anaesthetic. I really didn’t want to go back and do it this time, but it was only day case surgery, I was first on the list and came home at tea time. I have found that a GA really messes up the hot flushes - they go haywire for weeks afterwards, and I am still suffering now, which is depressing me. I never want to have another GA again!