Nipple recon


I had my nipple recon on both breasts done 10 days ago. My consultant used the method of cutting the skin in my breast and twisting it around to form the nipples. I had the dressings off on Wednesday but am really worried that the nipples are not healing properly, both have an area where it looks like a stitch should have been or where one has come undone and I’m worried that they might become infected. The nurse told me to wear a dressing with a hole cut out in the middle to stop them going flat and didn’t seem to concerned that they still looked quite raw. Has anyone else had this? I’m thinking about ringing the hospital tomorrow but its about 2 hours from my house and school hols so don’t want to do an unnecessary journey if I’m just being over anxious.

Lots of love

Debs x

Hi, no experience of this but You could try taking a photo and emailing to the BCN to save a journey?
Best of luck, I’m due mine in about May so let us know how it goes.

Nonsuch x

Debbie - don’t forget you can always pop to your local surgery and have the GP or nurse check your wound.

Thanks for the advice. The nurse the other day told me I was ok to shower even though the wounds were not completely dry. I’ve decided to keep it dry today to see how it goes and if it’s still not looking good will call my GP to see if they can have a look like you suggest. Fingers crossed things will look a bit better. Thank you again for all your help, I’ll keep you posted on how I get on xx