Nipple Recon

Hi all you lovely ladies,

I had a bilateral reconstruction in May 07 using the muscle and skin from my back (ld flap). I have just had my admission appointment through for nipple recon on the 26th Feb 08. I am having a general anethestic as the surgeon is also do a tidy up under both arms as I have abit of excess skin (think its called dog ears ??). I must say it has been quite nice not having nipples sticking out but I’ve decided on the nipple recon as I want to get back to looking as much as I did before the cancer.

Could anyone who has had the recon give me any advice or info, can you say how big or small you want them (I only want little ones), also with having under my arms done can anyone tell me about the the recovery time ? any loss of movement in the arms etc, how long off work or were you able to go back the next day, I am only going to be in hospital as a day patient.

Hope someone can help, thank you in advance

Take care all of you

Hi Kaz

I had a nipple recon last May. I wouldn’t worry too much about over sizing - I thought my surgeon had overdone it at first - but as it heals it does shrink somewhat. I am pleased with the result - but it is smaller than my other nipple (you ahae the advantage of being able to match up!) Just after Christmas I had a tattoo for the areola - which is v realsitic and well worth it for the finishing touch.

Best wishes


Hi to you both

I had my mastectomy and recon in Sept 06 and am still trying to get an appointment for the nipple doing!! How frustrating I have found this. The hospital actually rang me on Friday but I was out but they did leave a number and I am ringing them back on Monday, I am sure this is my appointment at last.

I have finished all my other treatment and want this over with so I can get back on with things. My friend has had hers done but they wont fund the tattoo part which is rubbish, I shall be asking about that, as we are under the same Hospital.

Love Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah,

How ridiculous them not funding the tattoo part of the recon, surely that’s all part of the original recon. I had my recon in May 07, saw my surgeon in Oct 07 just for a check up and he stated it would probably be April when I have the nipples done so I was really surprised and pleased when the letter came stating Feb 26th. I believe the tattoo’s will be done approx 4-63 months after the tattoo.

My breast size is smaller than I was pre bilateral mastectomy, when I mentioned this to my surgeon he did say I could have bigger implants at a later date, which I am considering as I so want to get back to as close to how I was pre cancer as I can.

Hope you get the date when you ring on Monday, keep us informed

Take care


Hi Kaz

I have rung the hospital today and have an appointment for Thursday 24th, so I am glad I won’t have to wait much longer. I am interested to know which part of the country you are having treatment? It is so unfair that some of us will not get the same level of treatment just because of where we live, after all how can the treatment be complete without the finishing touches. It won’t look like my other nipple otherwise and I am upset that we have to go through more nonsense.

I will be asking about these differences when I go on thursday so would like to know where you are being treated.

Thanks for the info, love Deborah xxx

I had mine done last Weds. Don’t know what it looks like though as it’s still all wrapped up. Stitches come out this Weds. I was warned by the nurse that it will often look big at first but will shrink down in a couple of months. No pain at all, just the bulkiness of the dressing. I had a reduction on the other side at the same time and that is a wee bit sore and itchy. No problems with mobility, just advised not to stretch/lift anything heavy for a couple of weeks.

hi i had mine nipple recon done today, like serenity mine is all wrapped up till next tues, so it will be just like xmas again!!! and i had no pain at all either, luckily my surgeon is just waiting for the hospitals new tattooing machine, and once all the swelling has gone he is going to tattoo it for me, for me it has been great having the one surgeon do all the work, also, if i wear a tshirt without a bra i look the same on each side, that is such a bonus, i am so happy with my recon (which is a ld flap) and if like me your small busted then i would fully recommend it, i do think its very sad that i have had my treatment very quickly whilst some women seem to wait a long time, i think that is so unfair
lots of love

Hi Deborah,

Great news !!! good luck for Thursday please let me know how you get on. I live in Telford Shropshire, where do you live ??

Hi Alison,

Its good to know you are as pleased with your recon as I am with mine, did you have a local or general anethestic (not sure of spelling) for your nipple recon, I’m having a general as they are also tyding up under both arms as I have a lot of excess skin after the mast and recon (I believe it’s called “dog ears” - nice eh !!). Are you able to go straight back to work or not ??

Please keep in touch and let us know how its going

Once again good luck on Thursday Deborah, I’ll be thinking of you

Take Care


Hi Kaz, i had a local and really it was painless, as for work, well my job entailed heavy lifting, and with the recent hysterectomy and the very painful left shoulder, well, i won’t be able to do that job anymore and they don’t have any light duties so think i need to look for another part time job, preferably one that will allow me time off for appointments, let me rush outside when i have a hot flush, excuse me from not turning into work as i don’t sleep very well, oh, wonder where i will get a job like that!!!
lots of love

Hi Kaz and Alison

I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Glad you are both happy with your recons.

Alison, I too am small busted and my new breast looks great, apart from obviously having no nipple! Thats why I can’t wait for it doing, that will be me finished then and I can get on with things. I had the breast recon at the same time as my mastectomy in Sept 06, which is why it feels ages for it to be finished off!

Oh well, roll on Thursday, and I will keep you posted about the tattooing.

Love to all, Deborahxxx

Hi all, well, went to get the dressing changed today and the surgeon has told me that about 25% of the nipple has died, he is going to leave the stitches in till next friday so i am hoping that no more dies between now and then, feel quite sad, i couldn’t bring myself to look at it, silly really, its only cosmetic, but i was aware this could happen, just doesn’t seem fair somehow
lots of love

Hi Alison, sorry to hear that about the recon. Does this mean that you will have to have further work done on it now?

Keep us posted as to how you go on.

Best wishes, Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah, i didn’t ask yesterday, just went into shock, serves me right for thinking it would all be fine, i think the surgeon will just let my body eat up the dead skin, i see him again next friday to get the stitches out, will let you know on this post
lots of love