Nipple Reconstruction - 2 years post DIEP Recon!!


I thought I would start a new thread, rather than replying to the last nipple reconstruction thread, as my story is slightly different and didn’t want to butt into someone else’s thread.


I had my DIEP surgery back in March 2014, then was left on the waiting list to have my nipple reconstruction and lipo fll into my healthy breast to make it the same size as my new one.


Basically, cutting a long story short, the surgeon offered me a larger breast - why would I say no!  However, he sold it to me on the basis that it would all be done at the same time, using my belly fat.  But four days after my DIEP, when I finally had the courage to look, I saw that nothing had been done to my old breast!

So I was put on to the waiting list.


Let me tell you - my last two years have been limbo - I have done my best to get on with my life.  I took on a mundane job for a year, just to give me some breathing space and hopefully waiting for the completion of my surgery.  A year passed - I then found another job, more in line with my career aspirations - and here I am post nipple reconstruction and lipofill.


BUT - my lipofill doesn’t seem to have taken - it’s gone as floppy as it was before (haven’t seen the new nipple yet as its still under dressing).  My thighs are in so much pain from the liposuction - bruised like mad (People pay for this???).  Has the waitng and pain all been for nothing???  I am so gutted - do I have to go through this all again.  I know that my breasts will never totally match again, but I don’t want one A cup and one C cup!!!


Feeling very dispondent at the moment - and slightly ungrateful!!!  I know that I am lucky!! Which makes me feel really guilty for feeling the way I do.  I am just fed up of wearing bras with stiff cups - they give me such a horrible/fake shape.  I don’t want to wear the chicken fillet that the hospital gave me - it weighs a ton and makes me sweat!!


: (




Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. There is so little information out there for lipofill especially when it does not go to plan.  I am 18 months post lipofill to my recon upperr pole dent, I too was amazed that there was so much pain and brusing!  And not to mention I have a permanently numb thigh on one side with burning pain - which I am told is a possible side effect !  It feels like the front of my thigh is falling down my leg - sounds mad but thats how it feels to me!  I am told that it won’t get any better now so will just have to live with it.  Is it just us ?  Are we just unlucky ?? 

Sounds as if you have just had this recent sugery.Can understand where you are coming from,as I have had several ops for breast surgery and complications.

The pain will go,the doner  site is often more painful.

You probably have been dreaming that all will be wonderful after waiting over 2 years.A long wait,I wonder if you surgeon is based in Essex?

I had DIEP neatly 2 years ago,developed abdominal seroma,got referred back to my local hospital,following 2 more lots of surgery still ended up with scar tissue,so tummy not at all flat.

it is a case of getting your head round the fact that we can not be perfect.My boobs are lop sided as well.

you will get past all this,life starts taking over your over riding thoughts on how you feel and look.

I had a chicken fillet for over 10years following my first breast cancer,got used to it.Wasnt too hot or sticky .

you will feel better about yourself.

i do a lot of walking and love classes in the gym,and try and not look in the mirror at my tummy.Have to wear maternity belt for support!

Hi ladies.
Am using my phone to reply so hope this comes out ok.
Wow that’s interesting. I remember at the start of all this the surgeon showed me a woman that he had operated on and I had to guess the breast that was affected. …it was his way of saying that I too will be perfect again (not that I was ever perfect but you know what I mean) . At the time all I wanted was the cancer to be gone but with his reassurance that I could have something normal after in felt there was hope.
Do you think that private patients have to go through all this. For starters I wouldn’t have waited so long. Would in have such an awful diep scar on my tummy if I’d have had a tummy tuck out of choice? ?? With dog ears???
I reckon that we get a bish bash bosh job when it’s done via the NHS because it’s like a conveyor belt of ops.
There I go again…Mrs ungrateful! !!!
Sorry to hear that you’ve both been left with compilations. They make you sign your life away before the op so unless they really stuffed up there’s not much we can do I suppose.
No not Essex. West London. I looked in the surgeons private website before my first op. He’s supposed to be one of the top which I’m sure he is, but he is probably paid less for his NHS work and has less time!
It’s just really frustrating eh? Thanks for listening. …I think my friends are bored of it all now. Xx

Few days later…Bruising has gone down now and pain easing off.
I feel that after my very down post (in actually felt quite depressed…I think because of the pain and anesthetic )
The plus for the diep for me is the fact that I can now wear dresses without big pants!!! For the firat time ever…I don’t look pregnant! !!
What I feel dispondenf about most is the wait…it took 2 years to get to this point and I’ve still got more to go. If I want that matching pair of breast (size wise) then I’m going to have to go through this again.
I’m thinking of asking for a filler rather than using my own fat. …I don’t think I can cope with any more donor sites!!!
I feel a bit better today. …out for a meal tonight with some friends which will do me a powet of good…its also given me a reason to put on make up!
Please don’t be put off by my story. …I’m just one of many. …a friend of mine is perfectly happy with hers.
Like I say it’s more the waiting time really.

I’m sorry you’re going through this but I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. I’m having double mastectomy and Diep flap in a couple weeks also in west London. Would you mind letting me know who did yours? At the moment im struggling to choose between two who both are supposedly ‘the best’ and your experience may help to make up my mind which one to go for. Thankyou and I wish you a speedy recovery