Nipple reconstruction and does it work

Hello there

I am due to have further surgery in a few weeks time for a mastoplexy on my left breast following a mastectomy on my right breast last year,  I had a stratice with an implant which is partially saline.  This is to be done so that I can have some symmetry.


Originally my surgeon said that I would eventually have a new nipple made from part of my inner thigh, but today he said that this would not work.  He has now suggested a stick on nipple which I am not happy about.


Like so many of you ladies out there it has been a rough ride and although I know that my breasts will never be the same again, the thought that I would eventually have 2 breasts with nipples has kept me going.  So please, has anyone had an success with this??

Hello Chrisalex,


I had nipple reconstruction in May of this year made from a tiny piece of skin and fat from the end of my LD flap scar.  It has settled down well and although not very pronounced does make a huge difference to how the breast looks.  To start with I’d say it looked ‘semi erect’ but is now a bit flatter than that but still ‘proud’ of the surface.  I recently had tattooing and the end result is really pleasing.


I’m told the tattooing will last about 2 years but can be redone any time.


Hope that helps a bit.  Feel free to PM me if you want more details

If your not happy with your surgeon request a second opinion… There are loads out there who do this procedure so dont be put off.

Lulu x

Hi had a reconstruction with nipple made from skin left from the procedure. It looks amazing…need the tattoo but very pleased. I would speak to your surgeon again.


I had five surgeries relating to my breast cancer and decided I did not want another surgery.
I decided to have nipples tattooing which I am having done nexy month at a cost of £350.00 for two.
I am disgusted that I have to pay but the nhs won’t paye as its classed as

Chris I totally agree with Lulu - if you have the energy you should be complaining, and certinaly looking for a new surgeon.


My nipple recon was literally a walk in, walk out appointment in an outpatient clinic… was booked at six weeks notice and could not be bumped by urgent surgery etc.  Literally went in, signed the forms, surgeon locked the door (!) took off top, nurse puts ‘greens’ over me.  Local, snip, stitch and out the door.  Coffee and cake with a friend then back to work (OK , so I think I’m wonder woman, anyone else would have gone for a lie down first!).  How good was it?  When I had an ECG as part of a pre-op for something else a few weeks later the technician guessed the wrong breast was the recon!!!

Hi Chrisalex, I will PM you the details - I am in Glasgow and my PS is internationally recongised - I am very lucky to get her on the NHS.


My nipple recon was made from a skin graft - a tiny piece of skin and fat cut from the end of my LD scar and stitched onto my breast.  She siad this was the best option as i’d had whole breast radiotherapy.  However, if you haven’t had radiotherapy to that skin, then the ‘origami’ T-flap or star-flap method (where they cut and twist some of the breast skin) is the preferred route.  She said if I hadn’t had rads I would have been an ideal candidate for that.


Hope that helps.