Nipple reconstruction and fat grafting

Hello everyone,


After writing 12 months ago totally despondent about my cancer diagnosis I am now nearly 12 months on since my mastectomy and DIEP. 


 This Friday, I have been offered a cancellation for nipple reconstruction and fat grafting and will only see the plastic surgeon to discuss the details on Wednesday.


Having had a hysterectomy three months ago I do feel like I’ve had a fair bit of surgery and have contemplated whether to have this done or not. 


 Can I ask whether any of you have had the procedure have been pleased with the results and ultimately whether you have had the sensation change in your breast. I have no sensation in my reconstructed breast but I am worried that adding fat to my other breast will change its sensation and I am not sure I want to do that. 


I have read a lot of people seem to wear abdominal support – is this because fat was taken from the abdomen, and to manage bruising. Is bruising extensive from sites that have had the liposuction?  


Any personal experiences would be much appreciated. 


Many thanks




Hi Toots…


I haven’t had any procedures apart from mx/node clearance so can’t help unfortunately… 

Hopefully someone with experience will be along to advise you shortly x ?

Hi, I’ve not had this yet as I’ve only just had my Diep (1 week ago) and hysterectomy plus overies 10 months ago. But from what I understand and this isn’t a lot tbf but I think they take fat from thighs??? 

I am wearing an abdominal binder now after my Diep that is supposed to support lower back while not standing straight. 

I think it would be a shame if you didn’t have the final tweets after you have gone through so much but perhaps not just yet. If you turn down the date would they still offer again in maybe six months time? 

Hi Toots - just wondering if you decided to go ahead with these procedures and if so how was it.

I’ll be getting to that stage next, so am wondering about outcomes etc.