Nipple reconstruction & dog ear revision surgery



I had diep reconstruction 5 years ago, which I have been extremely happy with. I have just seen my consultant about having dog ear revision surgery, she has also encouraged me to have a new nipple

 I was just wondering if anyone can offer any advice,  how long will it take to recover after the surgery? is it sore for some time after? How soon could you go back to work? I am having the surgery under general anaesthetic and I know its not a long procedure

 I just feel a bit nervous after not having any surgery for a while

 Also, were you happy with the new nipple, did it look very natural? Did it look similar to your natural nipple?


Gillian x

Hi Gillian


It’s Emily here from Breast Cancer Care.


While you’re waiting for replies on here, I thought I’d let you know that one of our email volunteers, Catrionahad nipple reconstruction. You’d be very welcome to email her to ask her about her experience: 


Wishing you all the best in the meantime.

Emily at Breast Cancer Care



Hi Gillian
I will be facing similar surgery next year after recovered from active treatment, will be looking with great interest at the thread. My surgeon view was this was much much smaller surgery and recovery was shorter .

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Glad all went well and your pleased with the results so far, I am just waiting for my appointment to come through hopefully it won’t be to long!!
Take care