Nipple reconstruction


I was diagnosed with stage 2 bc on 19th August and had a lumpectomy, nipple removal and sentinel node surgery on 4th September.  I am feeling very positive about everything but now have some decisions to make about reconstruction surgery.

Apparently the nipple on my right breast is a good size and they can use part of it to create a new nipple on my left breast. How do they do this?  What will my right nipple then look like?  I’m just not sure whether to stick with what I have or have surgery to balance out.  

I would appreciate hearing about other people’s thought and experiences of going for the reconstruction using the remaining nipple or not.

Hello strangely upbeat (you should be !).  My situation is a little different to yours.  I was diagnosed with early cancer in my left breast in 2010 during a routine screening.  Within a few weeks I saw a very supportive consultant/surgeon who discussed the various options.  I decided to have a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of that breast.  The cancer was confined to the breast so I fortunately had no need for radio- or chemo-therapy.  During the surgery they removed the original nipple but created a new one from a flap of existing skin (not sure exactly how - sorry).  The new nipple didn’t have the same “pertness” but looked aesthetically very pleasing.  In due course they arranged for tattooing by a qualified NHS nurse of the small area surrounding the nipple to give it a pinkish colour  (I could choose the actual shade).  That procedure was quite sensitive as you may imagine but the result was amazing.  Now 10 years later the colour has faded somewhat and the nipple is a little flatter.  However, I’m a lucky survivor of this disease and remain in good health and look amazing… and of course very upbeat !

I hope this helps.  Your own consultant/surgeon will I’m sure give you the very best advice.  Warm hugs xx