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Diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with breast cancer and felt I was getting through it day by day, had learned in 2013 when I had colon cancer to try not to worry about what could possibly happen and concentrate on the here and now, but everything has gone out the window today as I’ve been told lump is not 2cm as they thought but at least 8cm and near the surface so I’ll definitely not have a nipple after the operation!  I’m beginning to get my head around how much of my breast will have to be removed but not having a nipple is freaking me out!!!  Anyone out there have any advice?



Hi, I was diagnosed with Paget’s disease of the nipple about 18 months ago. I had a WLE to remove my nipple, followed by 15 lots of radiotherapy. My surgeon did a wonderful job and luckily I’ve keor a good shaped boob! I got used to seeing my neat scar which has faded considerably but from the outset decided I would have a tattoo of a nipple to replace my missing one. After much research I found a lady who does permanent makeup 3D nipple tattoos. It’s absolutely amazing and looking in a mirror it makes me look like the old me, I even went topless on holiday! It was the best thing I could have done. Check out areola artists on FB x

Hi PM. I am having a masectomy with implant reconstruction. I went on tuesday to meet with some ladies who had the same op and then had nipple reconstruction. Tbe results were amazing. One had nipple transfer - some of her other nipple transferred - the other lady had a new nipple made. Tney both had the tattood areola. Honeztly it has really reassured me seeing how good their breasts were. I hope this reassures you too xx

Hi all,  am now one week on from what started out going to be a lumpectomy procedure but ended up being segmentectomy.  It was a bit of a shock to see how much breast they took away and how big the scar is but I’m finding that, at the moment, not having a nipple is now not as important as waiting to hear that, hopefully, the margins were clear meaning I won’t have to go back into hospital to have more tissue taken away.  Good luck to everyone out there who is due or has gone through a procedure. Xx

Hi PM…glad to hear you don’t need chemo and wouldn’t fret too much about RT…I was diagnosed in 2013 and had a WLE which took about a quarter of my boob off including my nipple…I found RT was a breeze…just a pain going everyday.  Over time I’ve had a nipple reconstruction which I am delighted with…also tattoo of areola (ouch). The nipple goes flat but still worth it I think and the tattoo fades so I keep getting it topped up…I’m hoping all the surgeons hard work has not gone to waste as just been told the cancer is ‘back’. Hoping it can be dealt with by a lumpectomy and tablets…glad you got clear margins first time ? x

Hi Pat,
I, as many others have, found rads quite straightforward & apart from some minor redness &’soreness, was really nothing to worry about. As ever, the prospect is usually worse than the reality.
ann x

Hi ladies, just a quick add to all comments regarding nipped reconstruction and tattooing. I found out from a friend that the maxillo facial department make prosthetic nipples by taking a mould from your remaining one - or you get to choose from box of samples if you’ve had double masectomy!

Hi Pat

Just to let you know I’m fine after op on Thursday.

Hope you are doing ok. Have you started rads yet?

The weather has been good so I hope you are out and about and enjoying it. 



Hi everyone,
My appointment is on Monday when I assume treatment will be discussed in detail. The surgeon mentioned a mastectomy so I’m assuming there’s no option. Interesting reading about people not opting for reconstruction, food for thought definitely. The whole thing is still freaking me out at the moment though. I’m 38 so not sure if that means I feel differently about losing a boob?? What does anyone think and are there any other younger ladies on here? xx

Thanks everyone. I don’t know how I feel about it all to be honest, at the moment keeping my breast means more to me than getting rid of the tumour which is ridiculous, but I think my brain is keeping the thought of there being a tumour in my body out as it’s all too much to deal with. I think losing the nipple is more of a deal than everything else, both for looks and sensation. Are there people I can talk to about this at the hospital? I think I’m generally just freaked out at the moment :frowning: xx

Hi everyone,


Thanks for all the private messages and emails.  It’s not been the best year I’ve had, in fact this year was much worse than when I had colon cancer in 2013!  A lot of people said that RT would be a breeze but boy how wrong they were, it’s been a case of if it can go wrong it has and if you can catch it I’ve had it!  Having said all that, and moaned about it, I’m now beginning to feel much more like me and not the sum total of any illness/medication.


All that was just a long winded way of letting you know I wasn’t just ignoring you if I didn’t respond and I’m now on the mend.  I won’t be posting again as I don’t want someone to ask me a question that I can’t be honest about but at the same time do not want to scare anyone that’s just beginning their journey, so I’ll say, thank you for your support I’m very grateful for it and cheerio my friends.


Sending much luck and good health to everyone.


Take care,


Pat xxxx