Nipple sharing graft


im booked in to the hosp for the 13/11 to have a new implant, my good breast ‘uplifted’ and a nipple sharing graft… Has anyone else had this done and can u tell me if it is a gud option?

bump x

Hi there
I had a new implant inserted in my LD flap in January this year.
Then last week had my good breast up lifted and a new nipple created.
Although it is still early days, i have to say i am thrilled with my new uplifted breast and the nipple doesn’t look bad either!

I hope your surgery goes well and you are pleased with the result

Naz x

I had a nipple sharing graft about 18 months ago, although I didn’t have it at the same time as the rest of my surgery (LD plus implant, plus smaller implant in my good side as was only a AA). I had the nipple share done about 6 months after the implants so everything had settled down and they could be sure ther were positioning it in the right place. With the tattooing too I am very pleased with the result. Looks very good.

What is nipple sharing?
I’d love to have two nipples again.
K x

What is nipple sharing?
I’d love to have two nipples again.
K x

Possibly where the surgeon takes skin from the other nipple to reconstruct a new one??
I am not ezactly sure to be honest…
Mine was created using skin from my reconstructed breast area (i think!)

yes nipple sharing is where they take some of the existing nipple and transfer it to the recon. In my case they took maybe 1/3 of the existing nipple - not half as there is a limit to how much they can transplant, transfer too much and it won’t take. I asked for a nipple share as my remaining nipple was large and I was aware that standard nipple recons go flat in time, so I would still be left with the problem that I could have a visible nipple ‘bump’ through clothes on one side and nothing on the other. They do it by taking a cone shape out of the centre of the existing nipple, then bringing the sides back together - this way the sides of the existing nipple are unaffected, and sensation is unaffected. So my new nipple is smaller than the existing one (protrudes less) but widthways is the same, and it provides a better match than the standard recon would have done for me.


Thank you for replying.
I am worried that they r doing altogether, but I suppose it gets it all over with in one go!!
My surgeon seemed very confident,and the way he explained it was all very precise, incl pictures and they did appear to have a more natural look.
Road runner is spot on with her description… My surgeon states he is going to take a qtr of my existing nipple in a ‘pizza slice’!! Using this to create a new nipple… He intends to use what he describes as a new technique for attracting the new nipple, using a spiral sewing method! He hasn’t mentioned anything about having any further tattooing tho. I bel you have to have large nipples to have this procedure…
He did however say there is a 15% chance of losing some sensation in my good nipple… And this concerns me, I also made the mistake of the ‘google’ and a lot of American sites dont rate it… Hence my original post…
think I am starting to look forward to this chance of having a matching pair again tho and have got to give this a go… It will be nice to have a soak in the bath again, something I personally have not been able to do for 2 yrs…
Corinne x

The tattooing is for the areola around the nipple - it is a very simple procedure, I had it done two or three months after the nipple recon, and it makes a huge difference to the appearance. Make sure you request this. I seem to remember that it wasn’t automatically offered (I think the PS thinks it is all over once they have done their job and they forget about the tattooing).