nipple sharing reconstruction



I’ve had my follow up appointment with my PS.  I had my DIEP reconstruction in September. 

I was surprised by his suggestion that a nipple sharing reconstruction would be the best option.  I’d never thought of it and most research I’ve done has only shown the one where they twist the tissue on the reconstructed breast.


Would any of you ladies know anything about it?

Have you had this type of recon and how successful was it?

I have never heard of this - what exactly does it mean. My surgeon made me a nipple from the skin and although it has now gone a bit flat it does make a big difference to the breast. KM x

It’s where they cut your existing nipple in half and attach it to your recon. I was offered this but decided to decline as after my uplift on good boob I did get sensation back in nipple and could face having it chopped up again!

My PS has suggested exactly the same for me. I think we see the same surgeon. I remember chatting to you before. I had my DIEP in early October so we are at a very similar stage. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and when he looked at the size of my existing nipple he said that was definitely the best solution as there was plenty to share. After all the things I’ve been through, this nipple-sharing malarkey is probably the one that gives me the biggest heebie-jeebies - I don’t know why! I feel very confident that he’s going to have them looking good. How they feel is another matter but I’m very interested to hear other women’s experiences of this procedure too.

Hi languagewhizz. ive sent you a private message. i recall you were at BRI and so think we may have had the same PS.

Hi tinytina2. I can’t private message you as I keep getting a message saying you’re not set up to receive them(?). Forum rules won’t allow me to name my PS on an open forum. Let me know if you can sort out your setting.