Nipple sharing surgery

I had a mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction last year. Following completion of chemo in May, I’ve just had further surgery to adjust the size of the tummy boob (only way I can think of it!) and lift the other one. I also had nipple share to create a new nipple on the tummy boob. Surgery went well but I’ve had a pretty sever reaction to the glue and dressings. When I went to the clinic today the new nipple was totally black ?Just wondered if anyone else has had this and if it means it’s definitely not been successful. The nurse suggested it might be ok but seems unlikely to me. Thanks

Hi BeccaJB. I had nipple sharing surgery. Mine turned black and was like that for a few weeks. The new nipple was under there all the time. It did seem like waiting forever to see it. You just want to see it! Hope it turns out OK for you…xx

Thank you so much for the reply and delighted things worked out for you. I will keep positive ?

I’m having nipple share reconstruction next month but I’m a bit anxious that I will lose sensation in my good boob? I had diep flap reconstruction last year. I still have some areola but no nipple and hope this procedure will balance the look even though my good boob is naturally lower than my foob! Any advice on sensations or after effects please? I hope the black disappeared and you got the effect you were looking for with the new nipple!

Hi, what happened to the black nipple? I had my nipple sharing op last week after DIEP last year and was horrified yesterday when the dressing came off and the whole nipple looked black. There was definitely some dead tissue somewhere because there was a smell when she took the dressing off. Like you, the nurse said it was too early to say how much would survive. It’s very difficult to find others who have had this operation and to know what is normal . Would be interested to hear from others .