Nipple still swells in s certain place after surgery, chemo and having Radiotherapy

I had a lumpectomy with clear margins, sentinel node had 2mm of cancer but 2 further nodes were clear. My cancer was stage 2 invasive lobular.
I have had chemotherapy and am undergoing radiotherapy. For the past 2 or so months I’ve noticed a 2 small areas on my nipple area that at times seem to swell a little. I’m starting to get paranoid about it but try to reassure myself that it’s probably from the operation as my nipple was cut on the other side right around the edge.
I just wondered if anyone has experienced this?
I don’t like bothering my BCN as I had to see her following another lump I found in my other breast, however that turned out to be nothing to worry about.
Thank you ladies.



Hello and welcome to the forum.


You say you are currently undergoing radiotherapy, the best thing to do is to bring this to the attention of your rads team tomorrow to see what they advise so that they can give you peace of mind. 


Sending you hugs


Helena xx

Thank you. I will speak to them tomorrow.
Thanks again x

I spoke to the radiographer today. She was very reassuring and very helpful. She told me that it would be a build up of fluid, a little like lymphomeda.
The fluid collects then has to drain off. That’s why I see it on different occasions. She said once rads are over they can look at giving me some exercises and massages I can use.
This made perfect sense to me and reassured me!
Thanks for suggesting I speak to them.