Nipple Tattoo

Can anyone give me a bit of advice please. I had nipple reconstruction last October and this week I’m going for the first of my tattoo sessions.

Those of you who have experienced this - could you tell me please, should I just wear an old bra for the appointment , will I be leaky/inky on completion of the procedure, is it likely to stain my bra?

I realise I’ll need about 4-5 of these sessions but just not sure what to expect the first time.

I’m assuming everyone was ok to drive themselves home afterwards?

Never having a tattoo before - all this is very new to me!!






I had my first nipple tattoo done last October. It was painless to have done, as I have no feeling on recon side anyway. It did ache a little for two days afterwards but only mildly. I did wear an old-ish bra but the nurse put a dressing on the tatoo anyway, it will stain your bra otherwise. I am pleased with the results so far, but will need another couple of layers of ink for it to match the real nipple. After everything else we have been through the nipple tattoo is a breeze…Good luck