Nipple tattooing, how much did it cost?

Have had a reconstruction, and the the final stage is the nipple tattooing. My plastic surgeon has said this is the only part that is not covered by the NHS and I have to pay for the tattooing.
Has anyone else had to pay, if so how much does it cost?


As far as I know I don’t have to pay but I am not quite at that stage yet,seems strange though,


Hi cher33

Please feel free to call our helpline about this issue as they will be able to advise you further on 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

I’m waiting for my tattooing on the NHS and have never been told that I will have to pay for it.

Sally xx

Hi there,

I had mine done privately, my insurance paid for it and it was £250.

Hope that helps


Hi Cher

I had all my treatment through the NHS, including the final procedure which was the nipple tattoo.

I’m really surprised that you’ve been told that you have to have this done privately.


hi girls,

thanks for your comments, looked through the archives and looks like its a postcode lottery thing.

a few people seem to have to pay, although for most it was done on NHS.

I’m looking at about £200 I think, anyone paid more or less than that?

Cher x

I had nipple tattooing about two and a half years ago. I had mine done at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and I didn’t have to pay anything. It was done the NHS.

I didn’t realise there was a possibility of having to pay. I am due to see my con next month to plan nipples and I will make a point of asking if I will have to pay anything.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Jackie x

I’ve got an appointment for mine doing on 6th October and nobody has mentioned me having to pay. I,m going to Chorley, Lancashire.

Marilyn x

hi again,

I was not told straight away I had to pay, but seems that most of you are not having to pay.
My hospital is Salisbury in Wilthshire, really think it depends on the hospital.

Cher x

That seems so very unfair. Jx

you dont have to pay for nipple tattoo in suffolk either its ,on the nhs.

Money has never been mentioned here in Cornwall for nipple payment - funny to see those two words together? When I last saw my surgeon he said he’d hopefully give me a new nipple for Christmas ( Bet not many people will get one of those - hopefully not in their stocking!) He’d create the nipple -a bit like origami as OH wryly observed and then I would have it tattooed - no mention of cost. Don’t fancy going to tattoo parlour on Newquay sea front to get it done!

Cheers and love to all x

I had my tattooing done 2 years ago. I was told the pigment might fade in around a year or two (it does on some skins), and that I could then have another free ‘top up’. It has faded, and I am now waiting for an appointment with the plastics nurse. If I need further top ups in the future - and it looks like I will - I think I will have to pay.

hi girls, thanks for comments,

have now contacted the Breast Cancer Helpline, and its right that a few hospitals do not include the tattooing as part of the NHS treatment. the price for the tatooing is around £250 for one nipple. However, they did advise me that I have the right to ask my GP to refer me to another hospital who do it on the NHS. So, anyone out there that had or is having it done for free in the south west area (particulary Dorset, Somerset, Avon area) would love to know the name of the hospital.

Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl

I had mine done recently at Haslar Hospital which is between Southampton and Portsmouth - not really south west, but not too bad to get to from the Salisbury area.

Lizzie x

Hi Cheryl

It’s free at Bristol Royal Infirmary - Dr Rayter does it. He had the machine bought for him some 10 years ago by the local support group (Bosom Buddies).

I read in another thread that someone approached her local tattoo parlour who opened up out of hours for her and didn’t charge her - said he made all the money he needed from hairy bikers… Maybe there’s a way we could approach tattoo parlours to encourage them to follow suite in areas where the NHS can’t offer it. BUT WHY can’t they offer it!!!

Td x

Hi waitingangel,

thanx for the info, BRI is only about 40 miles from where I live, so will ask to be refered there. They do do the actual tattooing at Salisbury hospital where I had my reconstruction, but I would have to pay about £250 as not covered on NHS, although not quite sure quite why it costs so much !!

Thanx again Cher x