nipple tattooing

Hi, i am 48 and had a bilateral risk reducing mastectomy, with expander recon 2 years ago.
I had breast cancer 3 years ago and like my mum,her mum and two aunts, i was found to have the braca 2 gene.
I had a wle and lymph node removal,then found out that i carried the braca 2, so decided with an 80% chance of getting bc again that i wanted to have a complete mastectomy.
I am happy with my new breasts and want to have nipples tattooed, can i no longer get this done on the nhs? if not does anyone know where i can get this done close to milton keynes?
many thanks in advance.

Hi Sandy

You are welcome to call our helpline with your query, they may be able to find some information out for you, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday on 0808 800 6000

Best wishes


Hi Sandy,
I am in Scotland so maybe slightly different, but I am now just a couple of weeks from nipple/areola tattooing on the NHS, so the answer is that it certainly can be done, but maybe some trusts/boards have different views? There are certainly other ladies who post on here who have had or are awaiting tattooing, so I am sure someone will be along soon who can help. Have you asked at your hospital? Given your location there are plenty of other good hopsitals you could ask to be sent to if MK don’t offer tattooing (e.g Leicester or Northampton).

Hi Sandy
I think many trusts do nipple tattooing but I am just down the road from you and had all ny recon work done on nhs in stoke mandeville in Aylesbury but when it came to nipple tattooing I was told by my ps that he didn’t train anyone to do it because the turnover was too great so I had to have it done privately. I went to the whitethorn fields clinic in stoke mandeville and you get two sessions a month apart. I am very pleased with the result. The lady who does it runs a lot of training courses and seemed very experienced.

Pam i hope you don’t mind me asking,but how much per session did you pay?

Thank you very much for your help,it is much aprreciated.

Hi Sandy.
No I don’t mind you asking. It was £200 for the two sessions (that’s for both not each).


Hi Sandy
Before you think about having it done privately ask your BCN as I am sure that you still have a contact number for them. My wonderful West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds leaves doors open as far as choices go for reconstructions and tattoos. I am currently on the waiting list for my ‘Blue Peter badge’, and you will need at least 2 sessions, if not 3, before you achieve your desired effect. In fact, it is the BCNs at my hospital who actually do the tattooing so I am hoping that I get a nipple tattoo, and not an 'I woz ‘ere’ instead!!!
Good luck

Hi Sandy,
I’m getting mine done in three months on the NHS. It was offered as the next step to nipple reconstruction. There was no mention of having to get it done privately. I live in South Yorkshire/Lincolnshire though so don’t know if it varies from trust to trust.

Hi sandy,I had mine done on NHS at Nottingham city hospital,very pleased with result,you shouldn’t have to pay,
Good luck,

Hi All
I’ve been trying to find out where/how I could get my areolas tattooed to cover up scars and messy healing, but when I saw my breast surgeon last week she said that tattoos didn’t usually work on scars so she didn’t recommend it. This seems to be at odds with information I’m seeing elsewhere.
I’m having difficulty finding anyone reputable in my area who will do this type of tattooing, but if the local surgeons think it doesn’t work, that might explain why.
Please can you ladies who have had tattoos done to hide scars say if it was successful?

I am being treated at Northampton General Hospital. I had my fourth session of areola tattooing done on Friday. It is all provided by the hospital, free of charge.
Hope this helps,

CC is that breast surgeon the eminent German PS we share? If so I am puzzled cos I am at her NHS tattoo clinic next week…

Not sure if she tattoos over scars but reg seemed to think they might…

Hi RevCat
It was the local surgeon who did my original cancer surgery, not the German PS, that I saw last week. In fact my local surgeon suggested that I contact the German PS to get her opinion. I’ve written to her, but I was trying to find out if there were any possibilities of getting successful tattooing more local to home (South of Manchester), particularly since it seems to need re-doing every 18-24 months.

Hi cc, I’m south Manchester too and next step for me is tattoos - I’m sure that they are free here on the NHS - I’m under The Nightingale Centre at Wythenshawe.
Sue x

Hi Sue
Thanks for that, I hadn’t thought of The Nightingale Centre, and that’s nearby for me. I’ll contact them.