Nipple tattoos

Thought I’d just post quickly about my experience of nipple tattoos which were done yesterday.

The procedure itself was fine - nothing to worry about at all and I am a wuss when it comes to medical things being done to me. I didn’t have any great expectations as one side of my reconstruction (with implants) doesn’t look too great thanks to needing radiotherapy on that side.

But… what a transformation! I’m really surprised what a big difference the nipple tattoo makes to the whole look of the reconstruction. It certainly draws the eye away from the imperfect bits and the scars and I’m so pleased I had the last step done after nearly not bothering with it.

dh is laughing at me now as I’ve taken the bandages off and am working topless at the computer. It’s fortunate that I work from home although he did suggest that I should charge more for today’s “topless” work!!

So if anyone is unsure about whether to have the last stage done - definitely go and do it. I’m really pleased that I did!

Hi, that great news! I am going for my nipple recon in 10 days time and my surgeon said visually it makes a big difference as like you say, it draws the eye away from the scars and gives a focal point. My tatoos will be done after the nipple recon&lipofill have healed. Thanks for posting, always good to hear positive news. x

Ha ha I’m really pleased they look good .i was chuckling to myself at the thought of you topless working at the computer. How BC changed me also from being quite an embarrassed, private person to now flashing mine to friends behind the book shelves in the library.ha ha we get so proud of our assets xx well done Julie

Hi there
Great to hear that your new nipple is looking good!

I am having my good breast lifted and implanted this week, so that i have a bit of symmetry.

Once that is done, i will also be pushing for nipple reconstruction…and cannot wait!

thanks for this thread, I have yet to have my mastectomies/implants (due to have in Jan)… concerned about the lack of nipple/areola… but these threads have make me smile and given me hope that it will all be worth it in the end, and not too difficult.

thank you ladies xx

Thanks for posting. I cant decide whether to go ahead with the nipple reconstruction/tattoo or not. I currently have a prosthetic one which is absolutely brilliant and stays “stuck” on for 3/4 days at a time and im really happy with that but wondering if something more permanent would be the final phase… will spend a little longer thinking before taking the plunge but very helpful reading other peoples experiences.