I am having a mastecomy and would like to save my nipple but my surgeon says no.


I still have to debate if to have a bi lateral mastecomy or keep my right breast which shows LCIS.


As I understand LCIS not to be Cancer , I have also requested to save this nipple if I have a bi-lateral mastecomy.


The reson for asking is that a friends surgeon prides himself on saving nipples, mine says its where most cancers start and always removes them.


Happy for other peoples opinions to help me decide. I’m due to go into surgery very soon.

I have had a wide local incision last week where my surgeon "shaved"under my nipple to see if he could remove all DCIS to see if nipple could be saved apparently it is 2-4mm from nipple though my second opinion said 10mm and now understand tht these measurements are subjective on how you interpret momogams and MRI.


As my DCIS is high grade I think I will opt to have mastectomy with immediate reconstruction but like you am trying to see if it is possible to save the nipple… though have seen some great pictures from a plastic surgeons nipple reconstruction and my objective of a mastectomy is to reduce reisk to a minimum.


I heard from my surgeon that Angelina Jolies mastectomy kept her nipples so guess not everyone agrees that nipples shoudl be removed to remove risk…

Hi ClareB

sorry to have to find yourself here.

I had a lobular invasive and opted for a mastectomy. As it was right behind the nipple and spreading out from there - no choice - the nipple had to go.

In many ways - it ensures that you have completely free margine, which is very important.

I had an immediate reconstruction - sort of scoop the bad stuff out and put something harmless inside, lol.

As I had skin sparing surgery the oncoplastic surgeon managed to fashion a new nipple from my existing breast tissue - all that has to happen, once I finish active treatment is - for it to be ‘coloured in’ and hey presto! This option may not be available for everyone - and it also depends on your size, as to whether it is an asthetically acceptable option.

for more information on LCIS - you might wish to read some information via this link  as unfortunately is is a type of cancer.

I am happy to share a picture with you, if you send me a private message, so you can see the outcome.

It may be something to discuss with your team, especially as you are considering a bi-lateral mastectomy. It may also be an idea to check whether your surgeon is an onco plastic specialist. Should he not be - perhaps ask to be referred to one. It might be a better visual outcome to have such a specialist.

Angela Jolie was able to have the op she did, as she did not have cancer - so it is a slightly different scenario.

Hope you get the outcome you are looking for.


Sue xxx 


I had extensive DCIS (high grade) and therefore a mx - my consultant said really the nipple had to be removed as the ducts lead there (I know you said LCIS so a little different). I also felt I wanted to minimise any risk of recurrance. I thought I would feel very strange about the lack of nipple but it hasn’t been as difficult to get used to (I’m about a month post op) as I had imagined it would be and am not sure I’ll have a ‘fake’ nipple made. Of course everyone is different but it does help to read a range of experiences I think. I’m sure you could ask for a second opinion - I did this recently around an aspect of my surgery and found it really helpful and my ‘main’ consultant was happy to offer this. Hope this is helpful and good luck with things xx