No Answers, Just Waiting & It's Making Me Sick ?

I’m a 29 year old mother of two… just recently got concerned with a lump in my right breast. I’m amazed at how long it can take to get an appointment when you’re symptoms are there and you have no insurance. It’s scary because it makes me realize how many women are going through the same thing, it saddens me. 

I will be insured in July so I guess that’s not too long of a wait now, but I’ve already been waiting for 3 weeks. Living with the anxiety of not knowing what’s wrong is killing me, so I try to suppress it but then it hits me hard once it finally creeps up again. 

IDK… I guess I just wanted to tell someone so thank you for listening. Nothing but Love to you all :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

You can wait here along with me.

I presume you’re in the USA? Sorry it’s such a long wait for you.

I found a lump just over 2 weeks ago and went for a biopsy last Tuesday. The dr is pretty sure it’s cancer, I presume because of the shape/size. But I’m trying to be positive. 

I get the results in another week or two so still a while to wait. 

@CurlyTaurus  and @louby_lou69  - I wanted to start by sending you both a big hug and strength while you wait for your tests/results. I was diagnosed and treated about 4 years ago and I remember that awful waiting time so well. I found this forum so helpful when I had treatment and I hope you both will/are finding the same.

@CurlyTaurus  - I don’t know if you have spoken to a doctor about your lump yet? If you are in the US I’m not sure how the system operates there? It’s important to remember that there are many reasons for breast changes or lumps even, many are harmless. It could be a cyst or a fibroadenoma for example - I had a fibroadenoma when I was in my 30s, both are benign. I have a great book that reminds us that “fears are NOT facts”, so try not to let your mind race ahead and imagine the worst. And really try not to google symptoms as you will end up scaring yourself as Google really doesn’t know you or your specific symptoms. But you are doing exactly the right thing in checking out your lump, it’s so important to do that. 

See if you can find something to distract yourself from thinking about the lump, whatever it is that makes you happy - maybe a box set of a good TV series or movie. But we are all here to chat any time you just need someone to listen.

I really hope you get an appointment soon and that they find the lump is harmless.

Evie :two_hearts:

Hi, new to this group and I appreciate all the love and support shown here.

I am waiting on an ‘urgent referral approval’ for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Just saw my doctor yesterday, so they said to expect mid-week to get a call with the approval and information on how to schedule.  I have no idea how long it will take to get an appointment.

I have been very anxious since I connected the dots last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I am awaiting pulmonary testing and consultation due to issues with my breathing too.  The dots I connect between lung and breast made me lightheaded.

I have 2 children 19 and 21 and both suffer from acute anxiety disorders.  I am compelled to keep it all to myself and hope for the best.  I needed somewhere to say this to someone.  Thanks for being here.

Right now I am feeling like I need a project or something to keep me busy and my mind engaged elsewhere.  Doing my best.  When I do stop, my heart rate leaps up, feels like I’m having an ‘out of body experience.’ 

Feels calming to write you here.  Thanks again.