no chemo needed but felt like screaming "throw everything you have at me to make sure"

Found out results of WLE today I will not be needing chemo which whilst being a huge relief also left me feeling a bit scared. Wondered if any of the little buggers (cancer cells) had escaped. Wanted to say please just give me all the treatment you can, not just tamoxifen. Has anyone else felt like this despitpage getting good news?

Can’t have radiotherapy as had it with original BC diagnosis in 2003, after a mx and chemo.

Hi Miss Green

I think I know what you mean. I had appointment at the clinic today to get results of SNB and discuss mastectomy and LD reconstruction with the consultant. I have two tumours, grade one, in the left breast.


The SNB came back with one out of the two nodes tested positive for cancer cells… not the result I was hoping for. I now have full lymph node removal to contend with, in addition to mastectomy and reconstruction. I discussed the possiblitly of radio/chemo with the consultant and he said that as the cancers were both grade 1, if the rest of the lymph nodes came back negative there was a possibility I would only need hormone treatment. I don’t know if he thought he was reassuring me… but actually I would rather they threw their whole medical repertoire at me… if there’s the possibility that just one of the little (I’ll insert my own ‘bleep’ here rather than let the autocensor do it for me!) ***s has escaped and floating around gleefully waiting to do more damage!


Guess we’ve just got to trust that they know what they’re doing! xx


Hi Mel66

So glad I am not only one who feels like that.

Really sorry to hear you didn’t get the news you were hoping for. I will keep my fingers crossed that the rest of your nodes are negative and good luck with the rest of your surgery.


Hello Miss Green, I think I might be in the same situation as you are. DCIS, with a 1.5mm size tumor. No chemo needed , but afraid to start tamoxifen because of the side effects (possible endometrian cancer). Did you find out about the side effeccts of it and how have you been feeling on it?

Hi Berenice

Sorry that you’ve found yourself on this forum but I really hope you find it useful. I have been on tamoxifen before, 11 years ago, so this my 2nd go of it. Only been on it for 3 weeks so it’s early days yet. Last time I did get horrible hot flushes but I was also going through chemo too. Too be honest I am of the thinking the consultants are supposed to know best and if they recommend something. I will take it.
Good luck