No clear margins after lumpectomy

Got the news last week that I did not get clear margins on my lumpectomy.
The area they had to remove was big due to extended DCIS.
Also the IDC was close to the skin so I will likely need radiation.

My surgeon thinks that I need a mastectomy now. Have small breasts and she took a large bit out.

I’m devastated because I wanted to keep my breast.
I really want to avoid doing radiation on implant.

Have any of you had experience with radiation on implant
Or decided to try for further surgery to try and get clear margins?

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That must be very devastating news, sorry you didn’t get a clear margin. I had a lumpectomy and my margin wasn’t clear due to DCIS so I had a cavity shave. My lump was at the back of my breast so not the same as yours I’m afraid.
Speak to your breast team and get all the facts, lots of amazing advice on here too. :smiling_face:


Hi @nonnoooooooooo,
I have had a couple of lumpectomies for DCIS the first was 3 years ago over a large area and was successful with one operation then follow-up radiotherapy over 5 days which wasn’t too bad.

More recently I had a new occurrence of DCIS in the other breast (not spread from the first) and this has proved to be more tricky, I had surgery in January which didn’t get clear margins, so opted for a re-excision in February to try to clear the margins and do a shave on an area where the margin was tight, sadly in the pathology results they found more DCIS.

After lots of coming to trying to come to terms with the results including lots of tears, and lots of talking to others on the forum, my consultant, BC nurse and nurses at Breast Cancer Now, I have decided to have a single mastectomy with reconstruction, rather than try a 3rd re-excision. My decision has been based on the fact that as I want to be rid of the bad DCIS cells and the worry associated with them. I am currently waiting for an appointment to see if I am suitable for a DIEP reconstruction but if not will consider the implant option.

It is really difficult and only you can make the decision, I can really recommend using the Someone Like Me service at Breast Cancer Now and the nursing helpline, they can help you process the information and what is happening to you.

I wish you all the best in coming to the right decision for yourself, sending hugs xx