No energy

Since i have had my biopsy done i am now tired and just not got any energy to do any thing . Has any one else felt like this . Been told it could be stress related . Going on holiday on Tuesday hope to feel better just relax and forget about it untill I get back due for lumpectomy on the 17th July .

Going through this, is all consuming to say the least, so most of us would feel as you are at some point & inevitably, sleep can be disrupted by anxiety, but it does pass.

Have a lovely holiday, do only what you want to & relax as much as possible. Quite a few others here who’ve gone away at this stage, have felt better for it :sunny:??

ann x


Thank you for your reassuring words . Ann-m I hope to . This forum has be wonderful great people to just put you a bit at ease over what is happening … xxx