no garlic during Chemo?

I am a big fun of garlic - but reading some book saying garlic need to be aviod during chemo- wonder if this is true?


hum don’t know - I know I don’t fancy any at the mo - maybe that is instinct?

I don’t see why you shouldn’t eat garlic during chemo…it has antiseptic qualities as far as I am aware, and I doubt it could interfere with any treatments.

If you cut out garlic, would you have to cut out everything from the onion family as I believe they are all “related”. What reasons does this book for avoiding it?


I think it’s probably because garlic is a blood thinner and you can bleed more easily when having chemo.Especially if you develop DVT like I have.I have to say though,I eat it all the time and don’t have problems.I think you would have to eat a hell of a lot of it for it to cause any problems.
Alli x

I have eaten garlic constantly throughout chemo (have been on tablet form of chemo for the past 2 years) without any side effects whatsoever. I also think it’s kept my immune system in better shape as it’s warded off colds (probably because people don’t want to get that close to the smell of garlic??!!)

Please god no! Don’t take garlic away from me tooo!! :slight_smile: My favourite favourite bestest night in in the whole wide world and one I do every week at least 50 weeks of the year is - sofa (having wrestled it off hubby for my one night), duvet, large vat of white wine, large tubs of king prawns (in their shells are best), tub of guacamole in which to dip the prawns, large tub of hummous together with pot of bbq pringles which I dip into the hummous, and a large packet of pork scratchings AND "Holby City"and preferably lots of it.

If they take my garlic away I don’t know how I’ll get through *sob* :slight_smile:

HI all

I have just asked one of our nurses about this - she says there is no reason to avoid garlic, other than it smells a bit!

take care


Thank god!!! My hubby will continue to have to fight his way through the fog of garlic that hangs around our bedroom one night a week, hurrah!!!

BBQ pringles and humus… we know and love that on here too… sadly the sore mouth put pay to pringles for a while and the pregnant womans chemo diet says no shellfish so I’m afraid you might have to adapt a bit… may I recommend chicken fajitas instead. I know it’s not the same and you’d better make sure it’s mild salsa too. I ignored the no chili during FEC advice and my god was that a bad idea, lets just say it’s a problem if your house only has one loo :wink:

I took garlic tablets all the way thro chemo and continued post treatment (finished in Feb). I ran out a couple of weeks ago and I now have the most horrible cold - may be coincidental but it’s the first one I have had for over a year! I’m off to buy some more today!