No idea what’s going on anymore!!!! Radio/Chemo

I’m so lost today: after thinking I was on the final step of this cancer sh!t I have today received a curve ball!

(diagnosed with grade 2 IDC 24mm ER+ HER - then surgery WLE and 2 SLN tests: all clear,  no spread)

My tumour is now being sent for further tests to make sure I don’t need chemotherapy ( it has shrunk from 24-18mm on 10 weeks of tamoxifen) ….2 more weeks waiting before they can either start radiotherapy 3 weeks after that or begin chemotherapy sessions that have never been mentioned until today!

I was also told I would have 5 radio sessions but today was told 15! 

Cancer should come with a mental health disaster warning ?

I was diagnosed in January ffs!!! Just want all this over so I can start my life again

Hi Lunatic21

I am so sorry to hear your treatment plan has been less than straightforward,  I too was left in a stat of flux in that I was Grade 3 and HER2 positive and every piece of information I read indicated I would be given chemotherapy, but it wasn’t until my final results in May that it was officially confirmed despite the fact that I had questioned it several times.  The waiting and uncertainty is so stressful, perhaps you could phone one of the Breast Cancer nurses from BCN and see if they can offer any information or suggest the type of questions to ask.  If not your key worker should be able to explain the need for further testing more fully.  Either way I think you should contact the key worker and explain how stressed you are becoming.  I think if we “appear” to be coping then we are only given our basic results without clarification.

I am sending you some virtual hugs and lots of love, try and stay strong but also be firm in asking for a fuller explanation of your results so you can get yourself in the right mindset for whatever the outcome is.