No Job advice please

I have been told at work that they maybe going into administration so i will lose my job, i cant look for another one as i am starting chemo on monday. I have rang tax credits and they have told me what i will be able to have (a lot less than i have now!) Is there anything else i could claim?

thanks PP xxx

Hi PP,

What a horrible position to be in.

Best practical advice I can offer is to talk to a MacMillan benefits adviser. The system is so complex and is changing all the time. They are experts and keep up with the changes. They have grants we can access and are also very good advocates when anything goes wrong as they usually have contacts with the right Government Depts.

I really hope it comes to nothing and your job is still there.

Hugs, Jan x

Hi PP,

Sorry to hear about your job - that’s the last thing you need on your plate right now!

I found the Macmillan Benefits Advisor to be really helpful, so it’s definitely worth arranging an appointment. Someone at the chemotherapy department will most likely have a local contact they can put you in touch with.

Good luck with your treatment!

Nymeria x