No Letrozole available nationwide

There is a nationwide Letrozole shortage. I can no longer get the brand I asked for (Accord - no night sweats) and the chemist could only suggest I tout my prescription around other chemists. I also wanted to see if there was another alternative as my joints have started to hurt, especially in the night and when I wake up. I talked to my GP about Femera but he was doubtful as it’s so expensive. Anyone else have any of these problems?

i also use accord but have struggled to get it. for the last two months i have used a brand by Bristol in a black box, so far its working the same

I spoke to the hospital just now and the nurse explained that the problem with joint pain is caused by letrozole itself
, not the covering of the pill, which I’d been told could be the problem. She also said letrozole has better success rate with post-menopausal women re mortality than the others, ie Tamoxifen. As I’m 78 it’s not worth bothering. She said stretch exercises in the morning will help.