No Lump but painful breast for past2 weeks

Hi I first had pain in my left breast 2 weeks ago. I went to the Gp 4 days later, she prescribed medication Ibuprofen, she told me to come back in 2 weeks. The following week nothing had changed. I went back I could only get an appt with the nurse practitioner, she was not convinced their was a problem. I explained that I know it felt different and that my left breast had increased in size by 1 inch. She made me an emergency app for 2 days later to see yet another doctor, Which was today. Finally she examined me and agreed it should be checked out further to eliminate anything bad first. I was hugely relieved, she said I would receive an app within 2 weeks at the Royal Marsden cancer hospital in surrey.

I feel relieved that someone is wanting to do tests at last. Apart from the discomfort in recent 2weeks I had a red mark covering the breast that was abit like a bruise but redness not like a normal bruise colour it has however faded but still not gone completely. Some months ago (6 or 7 months or so) I had itching in the same breast and when I scratched it …it was like pockets of blood looking bruising.

Anyone else experience anything like this. Would be interested. I await my appt at the one stop shop at the hospital and will let you know how I get on.


Not has that experience but just wanted to wish you all the best for your appt… I hope it’s nothing to worry about but theres a great bunch of folks on here who will support you if it’s something serious.

Lulu x

Thanks Lulu will keep you posted hugs

Hi Cassiek,

Just wanted to say ‘hi’ and well done to you for perservering. When something is niggling at you like that you just have to get it checked out for your own sanity.

Seems you’re being pretty prudent and sensible to me. Hopefully you’ll get reassurance once it is investigated further.

take care Carolyn x

Thanks Caroline. Just to let you both know when I got home from shopping this afternoon. A letter had arrived with my hospital date Monday week (21st Nov) gosh that was quick only at Dr’s yesterday and referral done.

That is very quick cassie so glad they are sorting it out quickly so your not left worrying for long

Lulu HELP Pain gone vanished! 17 days and now gone today, despite trying to feel around to find the pain but its gone. One stop hospital app booked for next Monday. Should I can cancel? or still go. I don’t want to waste their valuable time. Although still have the red mark on my breast which is now duller in colour but still visible, and my left breast is still slightly larger than the other. I know I should still go but will they think I am wasting their time. Someone else may need that app. My husband says I should still go, for peace of mind. I dont understand how pain can go as quickly as it came.

Hi Cassie, sorry I just spotted your post.

Yes, absolutely you still go. I had a similar situation because it was the degree of pain (most of it related to my monthly cycle) which alerted me to all not being well as well as the lump.

I went to my appt and played things down a lot. Said that the pain had got much better. Please don’t do that either.

Can I suggest not only that you still go but also that you take some time tonight to write yourself a list of every sign, symptom and worry that you have had.( You explained it very well on here! )Include dates as well if poss.

If you have it written down, you will be less likely to skip over things if you have thought too much and decided they’re not important lol!

Good luck. You do want this investigated so dig in girl!

Take care
Carolyn x

I would say still go too… They would rather see you and for it to be nothing… Your not wasting their time.

Carlolyns advice abou witing things down is a very good one… Good luck for monday x

Thanks Crabbit and Lulu I have got to say that although the pain appears to be gone, I have still experienced a small degree of feeling comfortableness in my breast behind nipple.
One thing I do remember is the night before the pain disappeared I was trying to sleep and I experienced sharp like pains down my left side and into the same breast, a little like a stitch pain but not if you can understand that.

I will still be going for my app for peace of mind. And Like you have suggested to write down dates and what pains I have experienced.

Thank you both so much. Love to you both x

Hello there cassiek
yes please go for your appointment as your symptoms mirror what i went through exacly , so you must keep this appointment and not put it off , hope it all goes well for you , please keep in touch , jackie xx

Hi Jackie I was thinking I was imagining it all but I know I’m not, but dont want to waste their valuable time at the hospital, but I also want peace of mind for myself. If not then I will follow the footsteps of all these lovely brave people on this site that give so much to everyone one they are such an inspiration to all.
karen x

I hope things went ok yesterday Cassie. Thinking of you.
Carolyn x

Hi No crabbit its next Monday ( although that date has now changed) to next Thurs) received the letter today.

Thanks for replying and of course I will let you know thankyou and I hope your well. Karen x x

Okey Dokey Cassie, thanks.

Carolyn x