No mammogram result

I had my fourth follow up mammogram on October 25th and still no letter or report. I rang the department after a month - should be two to three weeks and was told all was well and that a letter would be sent confirming this. Still nothing, went to the department yesterday and the letter/report hasn’t been typed even. There was no apology or explanation. I feel upset and angry that a breast cancer follow up programme seems unaware of the anxiety that this creates. I looked for the post every day to see if the letter had arrived. I was also picked up on a routine mammogram originally. Anyone else having these experiences?

@swimmer   Raise this with the PALS department at your hospital as a concern and explain the anxiety that waiting for results causes.  Hopefully it will resolve whatever the backlog is for you and other patients.  Unless you raise it with the Hospital trust through PALS then they may not be aware it is happening and therefore not see the problem.  Take care.x