No more lillies - PLEASE!!!!


Just had to get this one off my chest - hope someone can sympathise.

Since I was diagnosed people have been so sweet bringing / sending me flowers and although I don’t want to appear ungrateful I am fed up to the back teeth of chuffing lillies.

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t they a flower that represents death - a funerial favourite? Hello!!!???

Not only that my clothes, carpets, wallpaper, curtains & skin are all stained with that ****ing orange pollen. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

Is that all florists sell these days or are my friends/family trying to tell me something? I know they are beautiful but…

Rant over.


pssst … snip the stamens out as soon as you get them and, hey presto, no more pollen - took me years to figure this out too!

Hi Alison

I feel the same as you. Just thrown out 3 loads of lillies as am sick of that ****ing orange pollen … gets everywhere and stains too if not careful. They weren’t even wilting either, just didn’t want to wait for all the cr*p to fall everywhere.

Sorry to join your rant but can so relate to it.


lol yes your right lilies are to represent funerals, but lillies with another flower is ok.
another flowers not to be together is red and white as the red is the blood and white are the bandages

i,m a nurse and if we saw the two together we took a flower from someones flower vase and added it to the red and white

its just bad luck

foibles what are we like
love to all

I didn’t know that with other flowers they are OK.

But this week I’ve had 2 lily only bunches - one from Mum & one from Mum-in-law - WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???

Give me a bunch of daffs anyday.


Yuk I can’t stand that sweet sickly smell of the ruddy things, just hangs in the air all the time. My best cheering up gift was from my mother in law who sent me chocs and champagne- now that DID cheer me- more please and stuff the lilies!


see I love lillies especially the star gazer variety! they smell so sweet and fragrant… and are not all white but slighlty pink to dark pink! But if some one gave me grotty carnations I would be annoyed as they make the water smell almost instantly and just look manky!! I can not stand the sour smell! as for daffs they are so great and sunny! going back to the red and white …some peole find it very distrurbing I chose red roses and hundreds of them for my wedding with little white flowers like daisys and green foliage …I never thought of it as anything other than beautifull and the florest really went to town with it …may be thats why we have such bad luck …maybe not but they did look fab and still get them from hubby for our anniversary fantastic mix…ahh well we’re all different!

I adore stargazers and had them in my wedding bouquet, however, I was soooooo pleased when I was able to recently throw the last lot of flowers away as I was so sick of flowers. My house is now a flower free zone- yipee! I’m not ungreatful as I love flowers but it got to the point where I could have run my own florists! I would rather have had the money donated to charity as I am hopefully running the marathon next year (had to defer my place this year) and need to fundraise.

Re: red and white flowers (blood and bandages)- as a nurse myself, this is a big no no on the wards!

Oh dear, my mother HATED LILLIES she upset a few people when they brought her flowers whilst she was ill said they reminded her of death. We made a point of sayin at her funeral NO lillies please.

I think they are lovely and the fragrance is really nice. I always cut the stamens out, but its strange whether its respect for mum or what i would never buy them myself.
I love fresias they are so pretty and the smell is so nice.

Yes freesias do smell lovely and so do Hyacinth’s and stocks are similar …fab smells and very pretty

Hi all

Thanks for your responses.

Had to share with you that today I chucked out all the pongy lillies which were moulting all over my carpet and bought myself a bunch of my favourites :the beautiful gladioli. I can’t stop looking at them they’re so elegant.

They don’t weigh me down with thoughts of death but bring a smile to my face thinking of Dame Edna. My first encounter with this bloom was some 20yrs ago happily waving one to the finale number at a Ms Everage show - everyone in the audience was given one to join in - imagine the mass staining & pong if they’d given everyone a lily to fling about!

You can’t beat a good old gladi possums!


I have a huge bunch of gladioli sitting infront of me as i type and was just thinking how beautiful they look. They are a stunning light purple (red ones last week) and everyone that has come into my house the last few day have commented on them.

claire xx

hi all, glad it has been put to the test, i love mixed flowers but i adore stocks and sweet williams,
fresia’s are my fav, just got bk from hosp my dd was admitted with gallstones she is having surgery tomorow am
shes my baby at 25yrs

she was so frightened tonite but a few hugs and tears and meds and i think she will settle

first op for her so i said she was my brave baby

love to all

Cee best wishes to your daughter. hope she makes a speedy recovery and huge hugs to you

claire xx

I’m approaching my one year anniversary on friday and am feeling a bit low. Have got myself a big bunch of sunflowers to brighten the room and my mood!! Not usually my thing but they just looked bright and smiley in the shop so i thought i’d treat myself!!

Oh, this is giving me such a good laugh after a birthday of biopsy and MRI scan!

My mum had a bouquet delivered to my flat yesterday - gorgeous! A mix of carnations, thornless roses, and LILIES! I like em, but I can understand why they get on some people’s t**s (pardon the pun).

Ceegra, I hope all goes well for your daugther.

Cee - Hope all goes well for your daughter today - big e-hugs to you both.

Count me in on the freesias - they smell beautiful. Oh and peonies.

IZZY - hope the sunflowers make up for the sunshine we are in desperate need of. Don’t know about anyone else but I’ve noticed the trees in our garden have started to shed leaves. It can’t be autumn already surely!!! I’m still waiting for the summer to start!!! Mind you the quicker Xmas comes the better for me I suppose, I’ll have finished my chemo so bring on the mince pies & mistletoe. [sorry to mention the C word (Christmas) in August, many apologies].

P.S. My Gladis are looking even more gorgeous today. Simple pleasures eh?


hi mammabee …I too am starting to notice leaves dropping off the trees and also been thinking of Christmas…my fav time of the year!! I started making my christmas cards last weekend!!! hunning jingle bells!!! couldnt help it haha

Hi Mammabee

your post has made me laugh so much. I feel the same way about lillies and love freesias. 8 months down the line from treatment and my flowers have dried up. If my OH gets me some I know they have to have been on offer at the supermarket, always an eye for a bargin. Our trees are going a bit brown at the edges, the leaves seem to be hanging in there even with strong winds yesterday.


Oh girls, don’t we have a laugh though through this site, its brilliant. How weird is this. Got my OH to take a picture of my boob when I came out after lumpectomy, complete with drain and dressings. Don’t ask me why but anyway, talking of Christmas I wish now I had decorated it with some Holly and Ivy/ What a great idea for this years Christmas Cards!!!
Lets keep laughing you lovely lot.

Norma XX