No More Treatment Available

hi all, 21 years ago my mum died of bc/sec, this morning my step mum is being admited to our local hospice due to bc/sec, i was dx with bc/sec at the end of last year i hate this cancer…

Oh Avril, I am so sorry!
Not a great deal I can say, except I also have sec dx so do understand howv you feel. Sending you a big cyber hug.
Not sure how much you use the forums but I have found them a great support and hope you will too.
Love Julie x

thanks julie, i read a lot on here but not very often i post anything, looking like its gona be tomorrow wen the bed will be ready at the hospice dad said shes brighter today tho x

went to see jean (stepmum) at the hospice today she seemed comfy so thats all we can ask…

hi avril,
Glad Jean is comfortable. Hope you are coping, it is difficult particularly with your history and also trying to support your dad, I hope you are both doing ok.
Thinking of you, Julie x

thanks julie, me 2 daughters and 5 grandkids r ment to be going southport pontins nxt week booked it to celabrate feeling good after the s**t of chemo, but think we r gona cancel…want to be close 4 dad and to visit Jean, first time ive been to hospice and i was very impressed with wat lovley grounds and building it is a lot nicer than a hossi. night Avril xx

we recived a phone call to day saying the hospice dose not think Jean will see today out and my 24 year old beautiful daughter has been dg with cervical cancer, if i had 1 wish in life it would be for a cure for this sxxt of a illness

Jean died peacfully last night at 11.15, shes out of pain now

Sorry for your loss but glad Jean died peacefully.
Will catch-up with your news and how you and your daughter are doing on the other thread.
Thinking of you all, Julie x

Hi Avril.I don’t and,I can,t know what to say . Just giving you positive vibes, just canceled the rest of my posts cos they are worth shite !! There is no way to explain it all, and all the shite that has happened to your family, I am sure they don’t deserve it - just the realisation that it will hopefully turn out ok in the end - I have been diagnoised twice under 40 so bad stuff has happened to me, hopefully it will now free your family xx Sending you the best vibes xx

Hugs xxxxxxxx Life’s so unfair sometimes
Wishing good things for you and your daughter

Just to say that thoughts are with you and your family
RIP Jean
Hope you are finding support from the hospice and hospital whilst coping with so many issues.

Thinking of you and your family and I wish peace now for Jean.
I too hope you are managing to get support from others.
Esbee x

I can’t imagine what you’re feeling, but just wanted to send my thoughts to you and your family.